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Coronavirus self-isolation blogs

Self-isolation blogs

Self-isolation is usually only something our students have to do when they have a deadline. But as social distancing is the key to saving lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of our undergraduate and postgraduate community left Cambridge to travel back to their family homes.

Some have stayed at St John’s and we are committed to looking after them. Do have a look at the coronavirus section of our website for more information about how the College is operating during the global lockdown.

To keep our ever-strong sense of St John’s community spirit alive, we have asked a group of students, staff and Fellows to regularly write about their lives for us over the coming week - take a look at their blogs below.

bloggers collage

Alejandro Lemus-Gomez  Davies-Jackson Scholar reading Modern and Medieval languages

Matthew Seah  PhD student and orthopaedic surgeon

Carrie Tan  Economics undergraduate

Ahu Aydin  Physics undergraduate

Bhanu Balusu  Engineering undergraduate

Professor Mete Atatüre Fellow in Natural Sciences (Physical)

Tom Hasson, Jess Chan, and Sebastian Venter  Self isolation vlog

Samantha Islam  PhD student in the Department of Engineering

Susannah Rose  Head of Alumni Relations