Online Room Booking System

The Room Booking System allows you to request room bookings in St John's College. 

Rooms can be booked by College members and approved Supervisors using their Raven ID. Some of the bookings are provisional and will be confirmed by either the Accommodation or Bookings Office (for public rooms), or the Catering Office (for dining rooms). Upon booking you will receive an email detailing your booking. In case of provisional bookings, you will be notified by email when your booking has been confirmed or receive further instruction from the area administrator.

For a short video demo on how to use the room booking system please see here.

Room booking queries should be directed as follows: 

Please note:  

Rooms can be booked up to 10 weeks in advance by students and for the full academic year by Fellows and staff. Supervision Rooms can be booked 51 weeks in advance by Fellows, staff and students. All Supervision Room bookings are limited to 6 hours per user/per week.

Room Layout and requirements 

Building Room Normal
2021/22 Capacities
Corfield Court Supervision Room 1 11 11
Corfield Court Supervision Room 2 11 11
Corfield Court Supervision Room 3 14 14
Corfield Court Supervision Room 5 6 6
Corfield Court Supervision Room 6 4 4
Divinity School Arthur Quiller Couch 18 18
Divinity School Main Lecture Theatre 150 150
Divinity School Lightfoot Room 50 40
Divinity School Teaching Room 1 24 24
Divinity School Teaching Room 2 24 24
Divinity School Central Hall 150                    150
Fisher Building Boys Smith Annexe 6 4
Fisher Building Boys Smith Room 50 40
Fisher Building Castlereagh Annexe 6 4
Fisher Building Castlereagh Room 50 40
Fisher Building Committee Room 6  
Fisher Building Dirac Room 50  
Fisher Building Drawing Room 8 4
Fisher Building Palmerston Room 250 250* when seating out only
Fisher Building Fisher Foyer 150 100