Online Room Booking System

The Room Booking System allows you to request room bookings in St John's College. 

Rooms can be booked by College members and approved Supervisors using their Raven ID. Some of the bookings are provisional and will be confirmed by either the Accommodation or Bookings Office (for public rooms), or the Catering Office (for dining rooms). Upon booking you will receive an email detailing your booking. In case of provisional bookings, you will be notified by email when your booking has been confirmed or receive further instruction from the area administrator.

For a short video demo on how to use the room booking system please see here.

Room booking queries should be directed as follows: 

Please note:  

Rooms can be booked up to 10 weeks in advance by students and for the full academic year by Fellows and staff. Supervision Rooms can be booked 51 weeks in advance by Fellows, staff and students. All Supervision Room bookings are limited to 6 hours per user/per week.

IMPORTANT: Covid-19 Update

Whilst public rooms remain available to book by College members, temporary measures have been put in place until further notice. Please ensure that you read the below protocol before booking a room:

Public room use 2020/21
•    Most of the usual public meeting rooms will be available for use for 2020/21 subject to Government guidance relating to Covid-19. 
•    The Art Room and Library Seminar Room will be managed public rooms for 2020/21, booked on the same basis as the public rooms
•    The Palmerston room will not be available for sporting activities
•    The rooms will be available on a daily basis for use between the hours of 9am – 7pm weekdays, and 9am – 7pm at weekends. 
•    Teaching/Supervisions will take priority
•    No external events will take place
•    No JCR/SBR Ents or Jazz at John’s will take place
•    Only critical business meetings will be permitted
•    Only one room can be used per floor of the buildings at any one time, with the exception of the top floor in the Fisher building which has lower capacity rooms
•    There will be an hour turnaround time in between each booking to enable the Housekeeping team to clean the rooms
•    If in the event of a spike in the virus/local lock down then the College reserves the right to cancel all public room bookings until further notice
•    Rooms will be left unlocked, to avoid keys being issued/handled
•    No external events will be accepted until further notice
•    No external visitors will be permitted to attend any public room until further notice 

Booking public rooms
•    Public room bookings will continue to be booked via the online room booking system and Accommodation and Bookings Team
•    The Accommodation and Bookings team will ensure that there is a one hour turn around between each booking for cleaning purposes
•    The room capacities have been updated on the room booking system to reflect the temporary capacities for Covid-19 management purposes. 

Room Layout and requirements 
•    Rooms will be set up as teaching rooms only and are subject to a temporary revised capacity listed below:

Building Room Normal
2m Soc. Dist.
1m Soc. Dist.
Corfield Court Supervision Room 1 11 3 5
Corfield Court Supervision Room 2 11 4 or 5 6 or 8
Corfield Court Supervision Room 3 14 4 6
Corfield Court Supervision Room 5 6 3 4
Corfield Court Supervision Room 6 4 3 4
Divinity School Arthur Quiller Couch 18 6 8
Divinity School Main Lecture Theatre 150 15 41 or 44*
Divinity School Lightfoot Room 50 13 24 or 26*
Divinity School Teaching Room 1 24 6 12
Divinity School Teaching Room 2 24 6 12
Divinity School Central Hall 150 30 100 standing. 56 or 59* seated
Fisher Building Boys Smith Annexe 6 3 6
Fisher Building Boys Smith Room 50 7 10
Fisher Building Castlereagh Annexe 6 3 6
Fisher Building Castlereagh Room 50 7 10
Fisher Building Committee Room 6 3 6
Fisher Building Dirac Room 50 7 8
Fisher Building Drawing Room 8 3 7
Fisher Building Palmerston Room 250 15 36
Fisher Building Fisher Foyer 150 16


  •    All chairs and tables will be wipeable (long lasting sanitiser) (for the chairs, this will depend on availability, and the Zoono product will be used on material chairs)

•    No table cloths will be provided
•    Requests to the change of the layout must adhere with social distancing measurements and be approved by the Accommodation and Bookings department. No last minute changes to room layout will be accepted.
•    Laptops will not be available, event organisers wishing to use the projectors in the rooms must bring their own laptop and adaptors to plug in
•    All stationary will be removed (white board markers/chalk/board erasers)
•    Relevant Covid-19 signage will be placed throughout the buildings and rooms

•    Targeted cleaning will be provided to all public areas and high touch surfaces on a regular basis between the hours of 8am – 4pm weekdays, and 10am – 5pm at weekends. 
•    Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned in the morning and late afternoon
•    Rooms will also be cleaned between bookings where necessary, with a one hour slot between each booking to allow for this 
•    The Zoono cleaning product (long lasting sanitiser) will be used on a weekly basis on surfaces and high touch areas 
•    Cleaning products will be left in each room should the event organiser/attendees wish to wipe surfaces down
•    Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance of the Fisher Building, Old Divinity School and All Saints Passage
•    Subject to the weather windows will also be opened to increase the flow of fresh air into the rooms

•    Please contact the Catering department regarding catering provision. 
•    No jugs of water and glasses will be provided, but the water dispensers in the foyer areas remain

Event organisers responsibilities
•    Comply with the Covid-19 related guidance on teaching/supervisions
•    Book the meeting room, providing at least one weeks’ notice and providing the same for cancellations
•    For track and trace purposes, anyone booking a room must ensure that they record the name and contact details of each attendee
•    Ensure that all attendees adhere to social distancing measures before, during and after the meeting whilst in the building
•    Make sure that attendees arrive on time for the meeting
•    Ensure that the ‘housekeeping message’ at the start of the meeting includes key Covid-1 rules relating to the building
•    Ensure that all attendees wear a face mask if social distancing cannot be maintained