Archipelago Technology Group

The Company

Archipelago Technology Group is a small, growing company, founded in 2012. They develop technology for a range of sectors, including printing, coating, and high-value manufacturing. Several of the projects are now entering the prototyping phase, especially in the areas of digital deposition of fluids and the supply of power in wet environments.

Archipelago employ a number of Cambridge graduates, including a Cambridge MET alumnus.

The Opportunity


The role will involve leadership of technological projects: it will require practical work, liaison within the company, and interaction with suppliers and clients. The role will provide an opportunity to develop technical and commercial expertise within an innovative and collegiate environment.

Archipelago take intern projects very seriously, with each intern being given a self-contained project designed to be completed and reviewed during the length of their stay with Archipelago. While they cannot disclose the specifics of the project in advance, projects are often tailored to intern’s strengths and interests. 

Archipelago’s 2019 summer intern was tasked with designing and constructing a brand-new piece of machinery in 8 weeks, which may lead to the student in question being named as an inventor on a patent.



They are looking for a practical, hands-on, technologist – someone who can plan and run experiments, design and build prototypes of precision tools and systems, and, preferably, write code.

Imagine an enthusiast who enjoys, and is good at, tinkering with old motor cars – an MG sports, for example. They will be happy to move between fields (for example, between electrical and mechanical engineering) as the need dictates; they’ll be prepared to try things out; they will neither need nor want constant supervision; and, above all, they’ll get a kick out of getting things to work.

Well, the technology at Archipelago is a good deal more sophisticated, precise, and cutting edge than an old MG (and also less proven!) – but the above mentality is essentially what they are after. 

Archipelago find that their strongest candidates are those who are able to demonstrated deeply rooted interests in engineering or science that go beyond the Cambridge course or typical extra-curriculars. They find that this is often best demonstrated through related hobbies and as such are particularly interested in applications from students who do things in their spare time that Archipelago might find exciting, stimulating or impressive.

In addition, their ideal intern will:

• possess strong academic qualifications in a directly relevant field, such as engineering, materials science, or physics;

• exhibit an attention to detail;

• thrive in a time-sensitive environment − working to demanding time scales and meeting deadlines;

• possess effective interpersonal communication and advanced literacy skills in English;

• possess excellent technical skills in such areas as coding and use of 3D design software.