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St John’s College Aa.3 (James 584)

Thomas Budd Shaw. Collection of writings in autograph manuscript (with a few printed items). English. Nineteenth century.

“Works in manuscript / by / Thomas Budd Shaw B.A. , M.A.  / of S. John’s College Cambridge / Born Oct 12 1813 / died in S. Petersburg Nov 26 1862 / Vol.1 / Collected and arranged by / his sister Julia Tufnell Hardwick / and her son Philip Charles Hardwick / April 1880.” -- from title page to volume 1.

St John’s College Bb.7 (614)

Tiberius Hemsterhuis, Dictata ad Aechinis Socratici Dialogus qui extant tres. Latin and Greek. 18th century.

In a single eighteenth-century hand. Text in Latin with quotations in Greek. Index in Greek. The author, Tiberius Hemsterhuis (1685-1766), was a Dutch professor who revived the study of ancient Greek in the universities of the Netherlands. Aeschines Socraticus (c. 425-c. 350 B.C.E.) was a follower of Socrates, present at his trial and death.

St John’s College U.27

T.S. Whalley letters. English. 1779-1786


St John's College Hh.6.8(1)

The life & death of the most worthy and learned man Mr John Bois, Batchelor in Divinity, Rector of Boxworth and prebendary of the Cathedral Church of Ely. English, c.1646.


A preface in Latin signed Antonius Walker is followed by a dedication in English initialled A.W., though the identity of the prelate to whom it is dedicated is unknown. The Life follows.

St John’s College Aa.3.35 (James 577)

Notes of lectures on logic delivered in St John’s College Cambridge. English, c. 1785.


St John’s College T.19

Corelli sonatas. English. 18th century.


The score of the forty eight sonatas, compos’d by Arcangelo Corelli for two violins, a violon cello & thorough bass. The whole carefully written by J. Christopher Smith, copyist to George Frederick Handel.


St John’s College I.45 (James 567)

Transcripts of historical letters written in the reign of James I. English. Early 19th century.

St John’s College H.33

Ecclesiastical documents. English. 19th century.

Scrap book containing press cuttings, mostly pasted in, some loose. Some are accompanied by brief manuscript annotations in pencil and ink, usually giving the date or source of the cutting, or an indication of its subject matter. Cuttings are taken from a range of publications including both national and provincial press, and vary from tiny snippets to whole (sometimes folded) pages. The extracts appear to date from 1805 to 1872.

St John’s College K.57 (James 537)

Rottenburg family. German. 1758

Illustrated manuscript volume concerning the genealogy of the von Rottenburg and Berghan families.


Contents of volume:

Fol.1 decorated title page ‘Stamm- und Famillien-Buch die uhr alt Adelich Stifft-mässige Blick von Rottenburg und Berghanisch Freijherrliche Famille betreffend.  A[nn]o 1758.’

Fol. 2v-3r coloured and decorated genealogical table in the form of a tree.

Fol. 4v-5r genealogical table

Fol.7-11 ‘Catalogus’ i.e. index

Fol.12 blank

St John’s College K.60 (James 578)

A collection of extracts regarding King Ferdinand. English, Italian and French. 19th century.

The extracts concern King Ferdinand’s rule in Naples  [ie Ferdinand I (1751-1825) King of the Two Sicilies from 1816 (previously Ferdinand IV of Naples and Ferdinand III of Sicily], the French occupation of the city, and Lord Nelson’s rescue of the royal family. There are several references to Lady Hamilton, and two copies of letters from Lord Nelson. The extracts are copied from a variety of published sources, including monographs and magazines.

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