Experience St John's

The College is open to tourists until Friday 21st of April, 2023

College opening times


The College is open to visitors between 10am-4pm. 

Chapel services information

Entry into St John's College is via the Great Gate which is located in St John's Street, Cambridge, CB2 1TP.






The Great Gate

Site Information

A visitor takes a photo of the College Chapel on his phone


The main visitor route is accessible to all except for entry into the Chapel by those using a wheelchair. A map indicating a route that is accessible for those visitors using a wheelchair to enter the Chapel via a ramped route is available from the main entrance.

Site information and risk assessment for groups

Access guide

Map of first aid and medical equipment

Visitor charges and exemptions

    Visitor charges
    • Adults - £11
    • Children (12-16) - £6
    • Senior Citizens - £6
    • Students - £6
    •  All commercial groups of 5 or more people that wish to visit the College, will need to be led by a qualified guide. These guides who are members of the Society of Cambridge Tourist Guides will be provided by Cantab Tours. There is a discounted group booking rate of £6 per person. Booking enquiries should be directed here.
    Permitted visitors 
    • St John's alumni and their guests
    • Cambridge University card holders (including two guests)
    • CAMCard holders (including two guests)
    • Prospective students and their guests
    • Attendees at Chapel services
    • Attendees at other events in College