St John's College W.3 (part)

J. S. Boys Smith, Recollections of College life. English, 1982

The Revd John Sandwith Boys Smith, Fellow and Master of St John's College (1901-91): 'Fifteen years as Senior Bursar of Saint John's College 1944-1959', 1982. Boys Smith was at various times Tutor, Senior Tutor, Junior and Senior Bursar, and Master of St John's. These memoirs continue his account of life in College between 1919 and 1945, presented to the Library in 1979. Together these works form the basis of his published Memories of St John's College Cambridge, 1919-1969 (Oxford, 1983).

Manuscript extra information

257x211 mm. vi+230+xii fos. College bookplate inside front cover. Presented by the author, 1982, further copies held by the Archives and Bursary (letter from Boys Smith to the Librarian, 1 Apr. 1982, loosely inserted inside front cover).

Duplicated typescript, typed by the University Typing Office Ltd. Paper. Cloth binding with title on spine.