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T Whitmarsh
Professor Tim Whitmarsh
Vice-Master, Supervisor in Classics, A. G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture, Director of Studies for Prelims/Part IA/Part IB in Classics
Tim Whitmarsh is the A. G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture at the University of Cambridge; he also holds honorary roles at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and the University of Pretoria. He is the author of seven books, including most recently Battling the Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World (Knopf 2015) and Dirty Love: The Genealogy of the Ancient Greek Novel (Oxford University Press 2018).

He has written more than 70 academic articles on ancient Greece, and appears regularly in newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times Literary Supplement, on BBC radio and TV. He is the general editor of the Oxford Classical Dictionary, and co-director of the Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies.
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steve edgley
Dr Steve A Edgley
President, Director of Studies Preclinical Medical and Veterinary studies, Part 1B, University Reader in Sensorimotor Neuroscience
Medical Science
Neuroscience: Information processing in motor systems. Organisation and contribution to movement of the spinal cord, cerebellum and motor cortex.
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Ruth Abbott
Dr Ruth Heather Abbott
Director of Studies in English
My research focuses on textual scholarship and 18th and 19th century manuscripts, chiefly writers' notebooks, with a particular emphasis on compositional practices, reading practices (including the practice of reading aloud), research practices, the history of scholarship, and the organisation of knowledge.
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Jean Abraham
Dr Jean Abraham
Reader in Precision Breast Cancer Medicine
Medical Science
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Albertina Albors-Llorens
Professor Albertina Albors-Llorens
College Lecturer in Law, Professor of European Union Law
European Union Law, in particular EU remedies. Competition law in the European Union and the interface between Competition Law and Consumer Protection Law.
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Dr Pierpaolo Antonello
College Lecturer in Italian, University Reader in Italian Literature and Culture
Modern and Medieval Languages

Twentieth century Italian writing and intellectual history, Futurism and the Avant-Garde, Literature and Science, Calvino, Postmodern Italian literature, French theory and epistemology (Girard, Serres).
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Dr Neil S Arnold
College Lecturer and Director of Studies for Geography, University Lecturer in Geography and the Scott Polar Research Institute
The interactions between ice sheets, glaciers and climate at the present day, and in the past. Interactions between the hydrology and dynamics of glaciers. Mathematical models of these interactions. Development of computer-based, interactive teaching resources.
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Arsan A
Dr Andrew Arsan
Senior Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern History , College Lecturer, Director of Studies in History Part II (on leave until Michalemas 2020)
Middle Eastern History
Modern Middle Eastern history and world history.
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Professor Mete Atatüre
Director of Studies in Physics and Astrophysics, Director of Studies for Mathematics for Natural Sciences, College Lecturer in Physics, Tutor
Natural Sciences (Physical)
My research group's primary focus is on the optical control of solid-state based mesoscopic quantum systems for the goals of quantum information processing.
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Bales A
Dr Adam T Bales
Research Fellow in Philosophy
Decision Making
I am interested in the way that we do and should make decisions; in the role that regret and resolution play in our lives; and in the role of practical wisdom.
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Graeme Barker
Professor Graeme W W Barker
Director of Studies of Archaeology, Emeritus Disney Prof of Archaeology, Senior Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Prehistoric archaeology. Landscape and environmental archaeology. Transitions from foraging to farming.
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Professor Tim P Bayliss-Smith
University Emeritus Professor of Pacific Geography
Tropical rainforest management, logging and indigenous social institutions in Solomon Islands and Fiji; agricultural intensification and population change in pre-colonial Melanesia.
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Professor H Richard L Beadle
College Lecturer in English , Director of Studies in English (Part II)
Medieval English Literature, early history of European drama. Palaeography, textual and editorial studies, the history of the book.
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Professor Serena M Best
College Lecturer in Materials Science and Metallurgy, Professor of Materials Science
Natural Sciences (Physical)
Materials Science
The production and characterisation of ceramic materials for medical application. The evaluation of bioactive materials for bone replacement and bone repair. The development of a new generation of pharmaceutical biomaterials.
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Dr Nicholas Stephen Blunt
Natural Sciences (Physical)
High-accuracy quantum chemistry methods, particularly for systems where established approaches are unreliable; quantum Monte Carlo methods; excited-state and finite-temperature methods in quantum chemistry.
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Patrick Boyd
Professor Patrick Boyde
Fellow Borderer, Emeritus Prof of Italian
Modern and Medieval Languages
The interaction between Dante’s thought and poetry; Dante and the visual arts; rival theories and styles in the declamation of Homer; the first performance in London (1635) of a play by Corneille (1606-84).
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Dr Tristan Brown
Dr Tristan G Brown
Title A (Research Fellow)
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Chinese History
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Professor Graham J Burton
Mary Marshall and Arthur Walton Professor of the Physiology of Reproduction, Director, Centre for Trophoblast Research, Formerly College Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine
Medical Science
Placental development and function. The role of placental stress in early pregnancy failure, growth restriction and pre-eclampsia. Early fetal nutrition and metabolism, and developmental programming of adult disease.
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Dr Stefano Castelvecchi
College Lecturer in Music, University Lecturer in Music
Eighteenth-and nineteenth-century opera, Mozart and Rossini, textual criticism, genre.
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Dr Adam Chau
Dr Adam Chau
College Lecturer in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Modern China
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
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Andrew Chen
Dr Andrew Chen
Director of Studies in History of Art
History of Art
Medieval and early modern art; Renaissance chapel decoration and contemplative practices; allegory and the history of travel.
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Professor Malcolm A Clarke
College Supervisor in Law, University Professor of Commercial Contract Law
The law of obligations, in particular, the law relating to insurance and to the carriage of goods and passengers.
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Dr Sue M Colwell
Tutor for Graduate Affairs, Tutor, College Lecturer in Mathematics for Natural Sciences
Mathematics for Natural Sciences
Non-linear dynamics. Applications to molecular vibration-rotation spectra. Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Time-dependent Density Functional Theory methods for electromagnetic molecular properties.
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Professor Simon Conway Morris
Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Palaeobiology
Natural Science (Biological)
Analysis of evolutionary convergence and role of historical contingency. The Cambrian "explosion" and Burgess Shale-type faunas. Early evolution of the deuterostomes. Debates in science and religion.
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Meredith Crowley-SJC
Dr Meredith A Crowley
College Lecturer in Economics, University Lecturer in Economics
international trade, trade policy, firms in international trade, law and economics of the GATT/WTO
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