St John's College MS N.27 (James 569)

Transcripts of letters from Thomas Baker to Joseph Ames etc. English and Latin, 1786.



  1. 'Letters concerning English printing from Thomas Baker of St John's College to Mr Joseph Ames.' Transcripts of one letter from Ames to Baker of 3 Nov. 1739 and of seven letters from Baker to Ames of 1740. For Thomas Baker (1656-1740) and Joseph Ames (1687-1759) see ODNB. A note at the end of the transcripts reads: 'The foregoing letters, and the annexed Will, were transcribed from the originals in the possession of his Majesty bought at Mr Tutet's sale of books &c. lot 375 anno 1786 by me Isaac Herbert, Cheshunt in Hartfordshire.' (pp. 3-27)
  2. 'The Reverend Mr Thomas Baker deceased. Copy of his Will.' With pencil underlinings and annotations. (pp. 29-33)
  3. Extracts from three letters from George Paton (1721-1807) to Richard Gough (1735-1809) dated 17 July and 30 Sep. 1786, and 3 Dec. 1787. (pp. 33-9)
Manuscript extra information

230 x 170mm. 39 pages. Paper. In various neat hands. Binding: late 18th-century marbled paper over cardboard.

A note in the annotated James catalogue reads: 'The vol. apparently once belonged to William Herbert ob. 1795.' Given to the library by the administrator of the estate of J.E.B. Mayor (1825-1910) (book label, 1910). College bookplate.