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7: Mountain Climbing and Other Hobbies

Hoyle was a keen hill walker and mountain climber, who 'bagged' all of the Scottish Munros (mountains over 3,000 feet in height). In 1998 the Scottish Mountaineering Club wrote to Hoyle to ask if he would like to be included on the list of those who have completed all of the Munros (see the letter).  Hoyle's reply does not survive, but it is known that he is not present on the list.

Some of Hoyle's walking gear, including his rucksack, compass, and boots, is now kept in the Library with his papers. Walking boots are an unusual thing to find in a library or archive; this pair have clearly been well used and well cared for.

Find out more: Hoyle's mountain climbing.

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Hoyle's leather walking boots. Hoyle collection, unnumbered.

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