Fred Hoyle: An Online Exhibition

Hoyle in the Hills

Hoyle was a keen hill walker and mountain climber, who ‘bagged’ all of the Scottish Munros (mountains over 3,000 feet in height). He annotated his maps of Scotland to show the locations of the Munros, sometimes ticking off those that he had climbed. This example is from a one-inch-to-one-mile map of Loch Maree and Achnasheen (Ordnance Survey map of Scotland number 26). Munros are shown with the letter M, sometimes accompanied by their number in Sir Hugh Munro’s list.

Hoyle in the Hills | Hoyle at the Opera

One of Hoyle's OS maps of Scotland, on which he has marked Murnos, and ticked off those he has climbed

Reproduced from 1929 Ordnance Survey map with the kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

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