Fred Hoyle: An Online Exhibition

A History of Hoyle in 10 Objects

These 10 objects were discovered during the cataloguing of the Hoyle Papers from March 2008 to March 2011. They particularly caught the interest and imagination of the Hoyle Project Associate, and tell the story of Hoyle's life and work, illuminating both his achievements and personality. They were displayed in St John's College Old Library on Saturday 19th March 2011 at the grand finale of the Project.

The Objects:

1: A Childhood Letter 2: An Annotated Book 3: Stellar Nucleosynthsis and the Nobel Prize 4: The Institute of Theorteical Astronomy and Hoyle's life in Cambridge 5: Dear Dr Hoyle 6: Musical Endeavours 7: Mountain Climbing and Other Hobbies 8: Hoyle's Family 9: Controversial Hoyle 10: What was Fred Really Like?

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