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8: Hoyle's Family

The Hoyle Collection includes many personal and family items that reveal the details of Hoyle's everyday life. These X-rays show the wisdom teeth of Barbara Hoyle, Fred's wife. The dentist's letter accompanying them X-rays notes that 'One day it might be necessary to consider removing them but for the present I feel inclined to advise you to leave them where they are.' The X-rays were made in 1949.

Fred met Barbara Clark, a schoolgirl from Lincolnshire, in 1939 when she was in Cambridge for an interview at Girton College. They married in December that year, shortly before Barbara's eighteenth birthday, and were married for over 60 years until Fred Hoyle's death in 2001.

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X-rays of the teeth of Barbara Hoyle, Fred's wife. Hoyle papers 108/4/1.

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