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In January and February 1950 Hoyle gave a series of five lectures about astronomy on BBC radio. The series, titled The Nature of the Universe, was immensely popular; the lectures were immediately published as a book and were re-broadcast several times over the next ten years. The Nature of the Universe made Fred Hoyle a household name, and also inspired many youngsters to pursue careers in astronomy.

This is a copy of the first American edition of The Nature of the Universe, first published in Autumn 1950. Hoyle has annotated this copy with the changes he wanted in a revised edition published in the UK and USA in 1960.

Find out more: Hoyle's cosmological theory, Hoyle's radio broadcasts.

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Hoyle's copy of his book 'The Nature of the Universe' with his own annotations. Hoyle Collection QB 51.H69.1955.

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