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University and Departmental Prizes - March-August 2017

Several St John's College students have recently been awarded prizes by the University or other academic institutions thanks to their excellent work and achievements.

Yayaati Chachan, 4th year undergraduate in Natural Sciences, was awarded the Institute of Astronomy Prize.

Tanmay Dixit, 3rd year undergraduate in Natural Sciences, won the Frank Smart Prize for Zoology.

Clementine Makower, 3rd year undergraduate in Geography, was awarded both the William Vaughan Lewis Prize and the George Aldridge Prize.

Sarah Eisenacher, 2nd year Asian and Middle Eastern Studies undergraduate, won the Mau-sand Ng Prize for an outstanding performance in Chinese Studies.

Jonah Hauer-King, 3rd year undergraduate in Theology, was awarded the Teape Prize.

Gabor Tajnafoi, 3rd year undergraduate in Architecture, was awarded the Edward S. Prior Prize for the best understanding of construction and materials.

Emily Wickham, 3rd year Architecture undergraduate, won the Purcell Miller Tritton Prize for exceptional drawing ability.

Lira Puebla, 5th year Biochemistry graduate, was awarded the La Caixa Biophysics Prize.

Annanay Kapila, 1st year Mathematics undergraduate, won the BP Scholarship.

Royston Ang, 1st year undergraduate in Law, was awarded both the Glanville Williams Prize for Criminal Law and the Thomson Reuters Law Prize for best performance in Tripos.