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Sophie Dundovic - Arch & Anth (HSPS)

Sophie joined St John’s in 2009. She attended a state comprehensive school in Basingstoke and took A-levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, German and Economics at Farnborough Sixth Form College.

'My time at St John’s has been thoroughly enjoyable, exciting and intellectually stimulating. I have made fantastic friends and had the opportunity to take part in so many enriching activities that have contributed to my personal development, from university level sport to extra curricular academic pursuits.

I matriculated in 2009 to read Mathematics at St John’s. I studied Part IA and Part IB of the Mathematical Tripos before switching to Part II Social Anthropology in October 2011. Although this sort of subject change is far from common, the Tripos system does allow a flexibility which I appreciated utilising. My combination of subjects has provided the necessary technical skills to allow me to pursue external academic interests in Behavioural Economics, and I have been involved in a research project based in Oxford and the LSE for the last 15 months. This is something that I hope to pursue in the future.

The Social Anthropology Tripos has allowed me to take papers in Social Psychology and Biological Anthropology, alongside the core Social Anthropology Papers. The opportunity to follow interests in such a range of areas is a particular strength of the course, which the new HSPS Tripos builds upon. Prospective students will have an expansive collection of papers to choose from.

My studies have pushed me academically, and the facilities in Cambridge really are difficult to beat. St John’s has a fantastic library, gym and of course great food, which makes it possible to subsist within the walls of the College, but there is also plenty of to get involved in outside of College. Training with and competing for the University Athletic Club has helped to shape my University experience. St John’s are supportive of students’ extra-curricular interests, offering grants to help with the costs of sports club membership, as well as travel awards and learning and research grants.

My degree has prepared me well for whichever route I decide to take after graduating and I am grateful for the excellent teaching, advice and support that my tutors, supervisors and the staff in College have provided me with.'

- Sophie Dundovic, February 2013