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Browne 1434. The Khamsa of Nizami. Persian, 1540.

Paper. 320 x 195mm. 786p.

A fine manuscript of the Khamsa of Nizami Ganjavi (1140/41-1202/3), dated Safar 947/June 1540. Good Nasta'liq, 4 columns of 19 lines each to a page, with 30 miniature paintings. Green leather binding, ornamented with Oriental scenes of pagodas and palanquin processions in gold.

Bequeathed to the College by James Bate (Bishop of Ely's Fellow 1726-1733, Rector of Deptford, d.1775).


    Vellum, 11.25 x 7.75, ff. 120 + 2,  33 lines to a page.  12thth century (1132?), in a beautiful upright hand.

    Donor, G. Smith.

Browne 1431. Volume 2 of a System of Muhammadan Law compiled for Shir 'Ali, Amir of Afghanistan, in 1287/1870-1, entitled Qanun-i-Amiri. Persian.

Paper. 245 x 165mm. [7], 479p.

Written in clear Nasta'liq, in black, red and blue, within blue and gold borders. 17 lines to a page. Full table of contents prefixed.

On the final flyleaf 'Bought at the prize-sale of property taken from the "Kotwali" at Cabul. Cabul, Nov. 1879 by Granville Egerton, 2nd Lieut., 72nd Highlanders.'


    Vellum, 12.25 x 8.75,  ff. 244, double columns of 33 lines.  12th cent., in a fine clear hand:  a second hand adds some sermons in the first quire and elsewhere.

Browne 1430. The Diwan of Nasibi. Persian.

Paper. 350 x 225mm. 80 fos. Collation: 1 flyleaf, 18-108, 1 flyleaf. Has suffered from damp.

Browne 1427. The Kulliyyat, or complete works of Sa'di. Persian.

Paper. 285 x 180mm. 346 fos.

Clear Indian Nasta'liq, rubricated. 12 lines in body and c.25 in margin of each page. Illuminated headpieces on fos 1v, 56v, 131v, 281v and 301v.

19th century gold and blind tooled leather binding.


    Vellum and paper, 11.5 x 9, ff. 176, double columns of 43 and 56, etc.

lines.  15th cent. in a small clear hand:  probably written in England.

Browne 1426. The Tuti-nama by Diya'u'd-Din Nakhshabi. Persian.

Paper. 245 x 170mm. 198 fos. Collation: 1 flyleaf, 18-38, 46, 510, 66, 710 ... 226, 2310, 246, 258. Has suffered from damp.

Nasta'liq, rubricated, within red borders. 16 lines to a page.

Gold tooled brown/red goatskin Islamic binding.

Browne 1425. The Tuti-nama by Diya'u'd-Din Nakhshabi. Persian.

Paper. 230 x 160mm. 247 fos. Collation: 2 flyleaves, 18-308, 318 (wants 8), 2 flyleaves.

Blind tooled brown/red goatskin Islamic binding.

The Tuti-nama by Diya'u'd-Din Nakhshabi, poor Nasta'liq, rubricated.


    Paper,  11.2 x 8, ff. 106 + 4, double columns of 42 lines, two volumes.

15th cent.,  clear ugly hands, in Flemish.

    Donor, T. C. S.

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