New artist’s impressions released of community hub

Designs of new Buttery, Bar and Café are revealed

The revamp of the south-west corner of Second Court to transform it into a contemporary social centre is continuing apace and new images showing the proposed transformation have been produced.

The artist’s impressions show what the new Buttery, Bar and Café will look like once the building project is finished and the College’s 17th-century Second Court is restored as the social centre of the College.

The new Buttery, Bar and Café are expected to open during the Michaelmas Term.

The Buttery
New Buttery artwork 1
Main approach to the Buttery.
Buttery 2
Approach to the till in the Buttery.
The Café
The Café viewed from the the condiment counter
The Café viewed from the the condiment counter.
Stair approach
The Café approach from the stairs.
Cafe approach from the Buttery
View of the Café approached from the Buttery.
The Bar
Bar approach main entrance
Approach to the Bar from the main entrance.
Bar door approach
View into the Bar from on approach from the door.
Bar sofa
Seating in the Bar.

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Published 1/6/2022

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