Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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N.B. Items marked as Closed are closed access. To request access to material marked Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 1


  1. The quasar controversy resolved again.
  4. The anthropic and perfect cosmological principles: similarities and differences MS; Science and providence - God's interaction with the world MS; On the origin of cosmic rays MS; Copy of On the origin of cosmic rays; The microwave background in steady state cosmology MS.
  5. A study of two absorption line complexes in quastars UM402 by E Joseph Wampler.
  6. Workings/Microwave Background in Steady State Cosmology.
  7. Genetics and history MS.
  8. Microwave background.
  9. Reprints: Leslie J Sage and P.M. Solomon; Book; Reprints.


Box 2


  1. Mineral grains in interstellar space (Capri Conference).
  2. Life not a terrestrial phenomenon MS; Edinburgh lecture MS; Some reasons why life did not begin on earth MS; Archaeopteryx lecture; Letter from Royal College of Edinburgh Scotland.
  3. Misc. modern reprints.
  4. Kepler's regular polyhedra.
  5. Statistical mechanics; Probability theory; A dissentient opinion on quantities; Units and symbols.
  6. Graphs; OP Slides.
  7. Notes on grains.
  9. Giant molecular cloud; Black giant stars.


Box 3


  2. An assessment of the evidence against the steady state theory; Quasars, redshifts and controversies Berkeley 1987; Exotics and potential wells.
  3. One white hole or many.
  4. Some illusions concerning biological evolution and the origin of life.
  5. Steady-state cosmology 40 years on the steady-state theory revived.
  6. Letters: Chip Arp; M. Burbidge; B. Lovell.
  7. The quasar controversy resolved again.
  8. Ruminations on the special theory of relativity. the so-called clock paradox. Some reasons why other's aren't here, and a possible process for the inspection of cosmic rays.
  10. Typed. General review of cosmological theories.
  11. Authors proof. General review of cosmological theories.
  12. MS and copy abstract. A new cosmological model by FH and JV Narliker.
  13. Typed. Minkowski frame.
  14. MS and copy 29/12/69 cosmic evolution.
  16. MS FH and JVN New theory differs from Einstein/Newtonian.


Box 4


  2. Various FH MSS: untitled re infrared; untitled lecture re physics and astronomy; tables and graph.
  4. MS draft of letter to 'Dear Alex' re 'candidates for the post of Assistant Registrary'.
  5. On the relation of the infinitesimal particle propagator to the nature of mass. FH and JVN. 2 typed copies.
  6. Typed a direct-particle theory of weak interaction FH and JVN.
  7. A dissentient opinion on 'quantities, units and symbols'. 7 typed copies with MS additions and corrections.
  8. MS different astrophysical form of the steady-state cosmology.
  9. 2 x typed. On the nature of mass FH and JVN. FH MS corrections and additions.
  10. Typed. A note on Deser's scale invariant gravitational coupling FH and JVN.
  11. Several photocopies of a typed & MS page, untitled, with graphs.
  12. The Direct Action Theory of Electrodynamics II A Relativistic Treatment of the Particles and Other Papers


Box 5


  1. Letter to Ramanathan from JVN and paper by JVN; paper The c-field as a direct particle field FH and JVN; pamphlet 1972 Framework for government research and development; paper Physics of massive objects by RV Waggoner; paper On the gravitational influence of direct particle fields FH and JVN; letter to FH from JVN; letter to FH from John A. Wheeler; letter to Sir Charles from FH; letter on note to DR Griffon from FH, working papers; MS The microwave background in the steady-state universe JVN and NC Wickramasinghe; paper On the cosmological distortion effect Jerome Kristian; paper High-energy nucleosynthesis H. Reeves; paper Relationship of the Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation to Lorentz transformations Herbert Jehle and William C Parke (FH MS equation on paper); paper Rutherford and nuclear cosmochronology William A. Fowler; Physical Review letter 13/02/67; High-energy primary electrons and the universal blackbody radiation Satyn Dev Verma; paper The primary cosmic-ray electron spectrum near solar minimum, Jaques L'Heureux; paper Solar modulation and the energy density of galactic rays; typed A case for a northern hemisphere telescope, HA Bruck; booklet The Royal Observatory Edinburgh 1966; paper Secular variations of the cosmic-ray produced carbon 14 in the atmosphere and their interpretation, Hans E. Suess; paper Determination of the age of Swiss lake dwellings and an example of deuchrochonologically calibrated radioactive dating, CW Ferguson, B Huber, HE Suess; paper Solid hydrogen coated graphite particles in the interstellar medium INC Wickramasinghe and KS Krishma Swamy; Blackwells scale of charges; typed paper On lattice defects and the far-infrared radiation by grains FH and NC Wickramasinghe, MS corrections possibly NCW; typed The optical variation of 3C446.
  2. Typed MS Electrodynamics of direct interparticle action i. The quantum mechanical response of the universe. MS and copy The direct action theory of electrodynamics: i. the quantum mechanical response of the universe. FH and JVN; MS copy 2x V cosmological consideration and the physical nature of the absorber; MS V cosmological consideration and the physical nature of the absorber; MS The direct action theory of electrodynamics: the quantum mechanical response of the universe; The electrodynamics of direct interparticle action, FH and JVN. Photocopy of MS. MS The electrodynamics of direct particle action: correction process; MS The electrodynamics of direct particle action ii. Finite radiation process treated relativistically; Copies of Feynman papers.
  3. MS The origin of the chemical elements of stars (German lecture)
  4. MS Disturbances inside the Earth; Carbon in the Earth's core; Plate tectonics; Geophysical notes; Constraints on CNOH problem for Earth; MS On the causes of disturbances inside the Earth.
  5. Notes on Darwin; Letter to Mr X; Talk at Christ's 14/10/84; Working papers; MS Atmosphere; MS Faulting problem. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family
  7. MS The extinction of starlight at visual wavelengths plus copy; The relation of bacterial absorptivity in the 3 to 4 mm waveband to observation of GC-IRS 7, and sundry comments FH and NCW.
  8. MS papers. The viability with respect to temperature of microorganisms incident on the Earth's atmosphere FH, NCW and S A-M; Meteorites (classification and properties, John T Wasson); Jottings.
  9. Typed paper, A possible relation of the 22 year solar cycle to the destruction of Lithium; Letter from WA Fowler to USA Nature 8/5/75.


Box 6


  2. MS The nature of interstellar grains (The Hulbert Lecture) 6/05/85. Naval Research Lab, Washington.
  3. On the relation of a biological puzzle to the origin of ice-ages, and to other phenomena, including the diverse skin-colourings of humans.
  15. Speech delivered on receipt of honorary degree Leeds, beginning 'Your royal highness & chancellor, ladies & gentlemen'. MS.
  16. FH Talk 17 Feb. 1975 The Emergence of Intelligence in the Universe, typescript.
  17. FH and Ray Bradbury, Science Fiction, 1975.
  18. Letter from John Edgington to Simon Mitton, 29/9/05; transcript of a talk given by FH at the first Lunar Science conference in Houston, 1970. 8p.


Box 7


  1. MS notes on particles; Cosmological models and the large numbers hypothesis by PAM Dirac (Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A. 338, 439-446, 1974); Inverted Alt-Azimuth configuration by EW Simmonds, ANU.
  7. MS notes.
  9. The Origin of Cosmic Radio Noise by T. Gold (photocopy of typescripts)
  12. Northern Hemisphere Review Committee Report 1970 (typescript); papers re Anglo-Australian Telescope 1971.
  13. Letter from WH McCrea, Astronomy Centre University of Sussex, to FH, 13 Aug. 1969; MS Why Herstmonceux is not suitable for adaptation as the National Centre for Optical Astronomy; British National Centre for Optical Astronomy, 2 typescript copies.


Box 8


  1. Institute of Theoretical Astronomy staff meetings 1972, letters re Institute of Theoretical Astronomy; Typescript and MS letters re headship of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics 1959-66.
  2. Letters and papers, MS and typescript, re Institute of Theoretical Astronomy 1965-66.
  3. Letters and papers, MS and typescript, re building and staffing of ITA.
  4. Letters and papers, MS and typescript, re ITA 1968-71; photocopies of letters and telegrams congratulating FH on his 60th birthday.
  5. Letters and papers re Science Research Council 1968-72.
  6. Northern Hemisphere Review Committee report and letters 1969; The reorganization of astronomy in the UK by G.R. Burbidge and W.L.W Sargent, photocopy of typescript; Notes of the proposed southern 48" Schmidt telescope by FH, photocopy of typescript.
  7. Letters re Stonehenge 1966-72.
  8. Coonabarabran Times 17/10/74 and 10/10/74; The California Tech 28/2/75.
  9. Letters re ITA 1965.
  10. Collection of biographical information on FH.
  11. Annotated pages from calendars 1975, 1977-78; MS FH schedule 1975-76.
  12. Papers re ITA 1966 -72.
  13. Letters re Cavendish Professorship of Physics 1970.
  14. Letters and papers re International Astronomical Union 1968-70.
  15. MS Notes on events at ITA 1968.
  16. Letter to FH 20/5/71 re his appointment as an elector to the Professorship of Radio Astronomy.
  17. Draft report on the Northern Hemisphere Review Committee and notes.
  18. 'Controversies'. Letters 1966.
  19. Institute of Theoretical Astronomy staff meetings.


Box 9


  1. Papers re Institute of Theoretical Astronomy/Institute of Astronomy 1966-73.
  2. Papers and letters re Institute of Theoretical Astronomy 1967-72.
  3. Letters re Institute of Theoretical Astronomy 1965-66.
  4. Papers and letters re Northern Hemisphere Review Committee 1969.
  6. Institute of Theoretical Astronomy minutes of meetings and reports 1966-71.
  7. 'Interesting personal letters' 1968-69.
  8. Papers re Northern Hemisphere Review Committee and Institute of Advanced Studies in Theoretical Astrophysics 1964-69.
  9. Letters re electors to the Professorship of Astrophysics, Cambridge, 1971.
  13. IOTA Letters and papers 1972.
  14. Letters concerning resignation spring 1972, circumstances of Science Research Council grant.


Box 10


Astronomical slides.