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    Vellum, 9.5 x 6.75, ff. 178 + 4, 40 lines to a page.  13th cent., finely written. 

    Old binding, skin over flat boards: projections at top and bottom of

back: fastening gone.

    Given by Jer. Holt.

    From Bury St Edmunds: has the pressmark E.24.

    Collation: a4 (one stuck to cover) 18 - 78 (wants 6 - 8) 88 - 128 (1-3 canc.) 138 - 238.

    At the beginning are four leaves and at the end one leaf from the first quire of a copy  of St Luke's Gospel, 15 lines to a page, with wide margins for the insertion of a gloss.


       1.  A set, very copious, of Distinctiones and notes for sermons (?),

               mostly in tabular form, but sometimes continuously written.

            It begins with one on Psa. 1, Beatus uir

            Tres sunt paradisi tres incole tria ligna

            and continues to Ps. xvii (xviii) Diligam te.  After this there

               are miscellaneous sermons.  A gap before f. 54 (68)1.  A story

               of lodowicus rex francie on 105 (119)b.

            The tabular portion ends f. 164 (178)b.

       2.  Exposition of the sequence for Michaelmas: in double columns         165 (179) 

            Ad celebres rex celice laudes.  Hoc nomen canticum aliquando 

               ita large sumitur

                 -uniuersaliter laudate deum.  Expl.

            Note on Confortati sunt in terra           .         .         .         .         .         169 (183)

            Distinctiones resumed      .         .         .         .         .         .         .         169 (183)b

            Various extracts, 773. 

       3.  Ethelredus de oneribus (Aelred  of Rievaulx)        .          .         .         174

            Legimus in scripturis multa onerum genera.

            Ends imperfectly in Uerbo domini celi firmati sunt.


1 On 53 (67) is a note: hic deficiunt iii quaterni.

Manuscript extra information


Migne, Patrologia Latina, vol. 184, col. 819, last line but one.
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