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    Vellum, 6 x 4, ff. 156 + 3, 25, and 21 lines to a page.  13th and 14th cent.,

 clearly written.  Binding of the 16th cent.                             2 fo. et demone.

    Donor, Thomas Griffith.

    Collation: 3 flyleaves, 18 - 198 20? (four).

    On the last leaf Nicholas Anderson (xvi, xvii).


         1.  Beginning of a collection of exempla in alphabetical order     .        f. 1

              Accidia. accidiosus est sicut canis famelicus.

              Ends f. 8b in Anima.

                   in reditu suo que sunt uilia in illis partibus et rara.

         2.  A collection of Sermons (34)       .         .         .         .         .         .      9

              1.  Una assumetur.  Impletum est hodie fr. kar. istud euan-

                      gelicum (assumption of the Virgin).

              2.  De S. Laurentio.  Hillarem datorem diligit deus    .         .         .     14b

              Headed, later, Sermo famosus.

              Several groups in the collection employ the same text, e.g.

                 xvi-xx.  Surrexerunt prudentes uirgines.

              No. xxxiv, Thobias filium suum ab infancia, is only begun.

              On 154 in another hand are notes on Pater noster de celis

                 dabit spiritum, etc.

              On 156 is a list of the sermons.

Manuscript extra information


Item 2, a number of the sermons appear to be by Guibertus De Tornaco, see, J. B. Schneyer, Repertorium der Lateinischen sermones des mittelalters: für die zeit von 1150-1350 (Munster, 1970), pp. 299-306 and some appear in Guibertus De Tornaco, Sermones ad omnes status de novo correcti (Lugduni, 1511).