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    Paper, 11.625 x 8.75, ff. 161, mostly double columns of 49, 67, 45 lines.  15th cent. and ? 14th cent. in several hands, some terribly contracted.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    Collation: 110 210 312 412 510 - 910 (wants 1-3) 1010 11? (7) 128 1312 (wants 1, 2?)

  148 (wants 1?) 158 168 1712 ?.

    At top of f. 1 (xvi):

                                       papam cum eius autoritate abrenuntio.

    This inscription, which occurs in no. 150 and elsewhere, is accompanied in theTrinity College MS. O.5.8 by the signature of Henricus Smyth.


           1.    Reportorium Argumentorum Stephani de Patrington     .         .         f. 1

                  Quod viator non potest

                        -uitam eternam.

                  Expl. Reportorium mag. Stephani de Patrington quod collegit

                        Oxon. et alibi antequam ad gradum assumptus fuerat


                  Table Abbas to Yperdulia  .         .         .         .         .         .         .      109

           2.  A collection of Disputations held doubtless at Oxford, and

                        probably by Patrington  .         .         .         .         .         .         .      117

                  The names of disputants are given in the margins.

                  Questio pro introitu, 117.  Introitus primi libri (sententiarum,

                      118).  Ad argumenta Bekynham, 119b.  Cessacio sententi-

                      arum, 120b.  fr. Rob. hindon or hudon and fr. Phil. tydir are

                      mentioned, 121.  Cessacio primi libri, 122 (M. T. hendman).

                      Incepcio 2di libri, 123.  Replicacio contra T. Merk (Monach.

                      Westmonast.), 124.  Introitus 4i libri, 125.  126b blank.

                      A protestacio on 127a.

                  Exposition of the Third Epistle of John  .         .         .         .         .       127b

                  Senior gayo, etc.  Hec est ep. 3 Iohannis ap. quam scripsit

                      cuidam uiro sancto

                         -quam pacem atque salutem nobis concedat qui sine fine

                           uiuit et regnat.  Amen.

                  128a blank.  Notes on verso.

                  Disputations continued.  Replicacio contra T. Colby (prior of

                      Carmelites), f. 129.  A tract of 4 pages, 142.  Table, 144.

                      Tract in double columns, in another hand: Utrum fides

                      incarnacionis, 150.

                  Stephen Patrington, a Carmelite, was Bp of St David's, and

                      translated to Chichester but died (in 1417) before he could

                      take possession of the see.

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Microfilm in St. John's College Library.


There is another MS. of fols 1-109 in St Marks, Venice, Fondo Antico 280, fols 21-131, (modern numbering of this MS. Z291).


Leonard Kennedy, 'A Carmelite fourteenth century theological notebook', Carmelus 33 (1986), 70-102.


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The Bodleian Library, Wyclif and his followers: an exhibition to mark the 600th anniversary of the death of John Wyclif: December 1984-April 1985 (Oxford, 1984), item no. 13.