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Every index entry is followed by the St John's College Library classmark for each appropriate manuscript, with the folio location of the image in that manuscript. For example, Abel B.9, f.203v indicates that an image of Abel is to be found on the verso of leaf 203 in Manuscript B.9. Please quote this latter reference in any enquiry to the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

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Albemazar - G.14, f.210r

Allegorical figures

Altar - B.4, f.96v, f.108v ; G.32, f.iiv ; H.13, f.122r ; N.24, f.127r ; T.8, f.29r, f.119r, f.343v

Andromeda - H.5, f.9r

Angel - B.9, f.8r, f.53r, f.185v, f.213r ; B.18, f.31r ; B.20, f.4r ; C.9, f.35v? ; D.6, f.27v, f.29v, f.102r, f.116r ; E.24, f.59r ; G.15, f.10v ; H.2, f.1r, f.18v, f.65v ; H.13, f.134r, f.151v ; K.21, f.49r, f.55r, f.55v, f.62r, f.62v, f.64r, f.63r, f.63v, f.64r, f.65v, f.66r, f.66v ; K.26, f.4v, f.5r, f.5v, f.10r, f.12v, f.14v, f.16v, f.21v, f.22v, f.23v, f.24v ; N.2, f.18r, f.34r, f.38r ; N.8, f.267v ,f.270v ; N.24 , f.16v, f.119r, f.174r ; T.8, f.119r, f.285v, f.339v, f.338v

Animals (see also Zodiac Signs and New Testament: Christian Symbolism: Evangelistic Emblems)


Antichrist (horned wolf in cowl) - B.20, f.94r

Apparatus (Scientific) - A.19, f.27r, f.40v ; G.14, f.206v

Aristeus - G.14, f.198r

Arthur - G.14, f.215r

Asperge - T.8, f.19v, f.22v


  • behind Crowned woman D.6, f.118r
  • kneeling beside David B.18, f.1r
  • to a Doctor A.4, f.1r (Vol.1)
  • to the Duke of Buckingham H.5, f.1r
  • to King Minos H.5, f.8r
  • with Elizabeth and child H.13, f.151v
  • with Virgin and Child H.13, f.122r

Auger - K.26, f.7v

Axeman - A.4, f.1r (Vol.3)

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Battlements - D.6, f.30v ; N.24, f.28r

Beads - E.24, f.45v

Beast (see also Devil and Monsters) - B.9, f.169v ; B.18, f.1r ; D.19, f.1r ; H.5, f.6r ; K.30, f.35r, f.108r ; S.30, f.9v

Bellows - B.9, f.84r, f.234v ; B.18, f.1r ; E.35, f.1r

Bier (see also Coffin) - C.1, f.1r ; K.21, f.64r, f.64v, f.65r ; K.26, f.24r

Bishop - B.9, f.146r ; T.8, f.22v, f.59r, f.331v, f.344r

Boat - D.6, f.87r

Bookcase (see Furniture)

Book(s) - A.4, f.1r (Vol.1), f.1r (Vol.2), f.1r (Vol. 3) ; A.7, f.133r ; A.8, f.103v, f.191r ; B.1, f.41r ; B.9. f.1r, f.45v, f.168r ; B.18, f.1r; C.1, f.1r ; D.14, f.126v ; E.15, f.102r ; G.16, f.113r ; H.1, f.1r ; H.5, f.1r ; H.6, f.iia ; H.13, f.134r, f.151v ; K.21, f.59r, f.61r, f.61v, f.62v, f.63r, f.63v, f.64r, f.65r, f.65v, f.66v ; N.2, f.18r, f.78r ; N.3, f.3v ; N.8, f.175r ; N.24, f.13r, f.15r, f.16v, f.18v, f.127r ; S.30, f.57r, f.59r, f.72r ; T.8, f.19v, f.22v, f.29r, f.59r, f.116r, f.116v, f.119r, f.144r, f.147r, f.199r, f.340r

Bowl - B.9, f.192v, f.234v ; C.18, f.70v ; D.24, f.113r

Building(s) - K.26, (throughout); T.8 (various buildings and interiors throughout)

Buckingham, Duke of - H.5, f1r

Buttery hatch - H.13, f.57v

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Candle - B.9, f.76r, f.115r ; D.30, f.154v ; H.6, f.iiir ; K.21, f.63r, f.63v, f.65r ; N.2, f.78r ; N.24, f.51r, f.65r, f.127r ; T.8, f.144r, f.148v, f.337v, f.344v

Candlestick - K.21, f.65r ; N.2, f.78r ; N.24, f.127r ; T.8, f.144r, f.148v, f.337v, f.344v

  • with Seven branches H.6, f.iiir

Cardinal (see also Cleric) - A.4, f.1r (Vol.1), f.1r (Vol.2)

Cardinal Virtues (see allegorical figures)

Casket - B.18, f.31r

Cauldron - B.9, f.84r, f.234v ; E.35, f.1r

Censing - K.21, f.63v ; K.26, f.24v ; N.8, f.272v, f.308v ; T.8, f.29r


Cerberus - H.5, f.6r

Chalice - B.9, f.105v, f.234v ; E.24, f.112v ; E.35, f.1r ; K.21, f.47v, f.61r ; T.8, f.1r, f.77v, f.116r, f.116v, f.119r, f.121v, f.147r, f.148v


  • Three Clerics D.30, f.91v

Charles V - T.8, f.1r

Child - D.6, f.63r ; K.26, f.10v

Cleric(s) - A.4, f.73r (Vol.1), f.101r (Vol.1), f.49v (Vol.2), f.67v (Vol.2), f.46v (Vol.4), f.60v (Vol.4) ; A.7, f.133r ; A.19, f.48v? ; B.9, f.76r, f.115r, f.146r, f.160r, f.185v ; D.19, f.1r ; D.30, f.91v ; E.15, f.102r ; G.16, f.113r ; H.1, f.1r ; H.6, f.iiv ; K.21, f.9r, f.64v ; K.25, f.1r ; K.26, f.22v ; K.30, f.63v, f.64v, f.98r, f.104r, f.120v, f.135r ; N.2, f.78r ; N.8, f.175r ; N.24, f.127r ; T.8, f.1r, f.19v, f.22v, f.29r, f.59r, f.61r, f.77v, f.116r, f.116v, f.119r, f.121v, f.144r, f.147r, f.148v, f.154r, f.199r, f.331v, f.344r, f.344v

Climates, Seven - D.11, f.6r ; E.4, f.122r

Climbing man - A.8, f.16v, f.61r

Clock - H.5, f.5r

Cloud(s) - D.14, f.126v ; H.5, f.2r, f.5r ; K.21, f.54v, f.61v, f.64r, f.66r, f.66v ; K.26, f.3r, f.3v, f.4v, f.5r, f.5v, f.7v, f.8r, f.20v, f.21v, f.22r, f.22v, f.24v ; N.19, f.9v ; S.30, f.1r, f.9v ; T.8, f.154r, f.308v

Coats of Arms (see Heraldry)

Coffin - B.9, f.76r, f.84v ; C.1, f.1r ; D.30, f.154v ; K.26, f.24v ; N.2, f.78r ; N.24, f.119r, 127r ; T.8, f.19v, f.285v, f.344v

Columns - E.35, f.1r

Constantine - B.9, f.146r

Constellations - F.18, f.58r

Corpse - N.24, f.119r


Crosier - H.6, f.iiv ; T.8, f.29r, f.59r

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Deadly Sins

Death - N.24, f.119r ; S.30, f.64r

Democrites - G.14, f.206r

Devil (see also Beast) - B.9, f.185v, f.213r, f.234v ; B.18, f.1r? ; E.15, f.54r ; H.5, f.6r ; K.21, f.40r, f.48r, f.51v, f.54r ; K.26, f.20r, f.22v ; K.30, f.35r, f.108r ; N.24, f.13r, f.119r

Diadem - K.21, f.40r


Distaff - B.9, f.1r

Doctor (academic) - A.4, f.1r (Vol.1), f.53v (Vol.1), f.102v (Vol.1), f.1r (Vol.4) ; F.12 (margins) ; G.14, f.10v, f.16v, f.96v ; S.30, f.72r

Doctor (medical) - D.24, f.23r, f.59v, f.103r, f.113r


Duke of Buckingham - H.5, f.1r

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Edward I - A.7, f.10r

Edward II - A.7, f.53r

Edward III - A.7, f.69r

Egeas - H.13, f.103r

Elements, Four - E.4, f.192r

Enema (see patient) - A.19, f.15v

Executioner - A.4, f.61v (Vol.4) ; E.15, f.120v ; E.32, f.6r ; T.8, f.341r, f.342r

Experiment (Scientific?) - A.19, f.27r, f.40v ; G.14, f.206v

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