William Wynne (fl. 1634)

The Wynn (or Gwynn) family of north Wales were well connected to St John's in the early 17th century. Both Robert Wynne, and his younger brother William, attended the College. Their father, Sir John, a baronet, landowner and antiquary, was one of the major sponsors of John Williams during his early career. William was admitted to the College in 1611, but appears to have left before taking his degree, describing himself as "sometimes an unworthie member, though but of short continuance." He later entered service in Williams's household, perhaps to keep an eye on his master's health and progress for his father, to whom he submitted reports regarding these matters.

Books given by William Wynne

Although not at St John's for long, William gave 22 volumes to his old College in memory of his father, possibly from the latter's extensive library. These are all folio volumes, mostly early 17th-century commentaries, by various authors, on the Summa theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Provenance markings

All the volumes given by William Wynne bear a striking armorial binding-stamp, of Wynne family arms supported by an eagle, together with a book label detailing William's gift. In translation this reads:

A literary token of the heart most devoted to Johnian studies of William Wynne gent., son of John Wynne of Gwydir, knight and baronet, once an alumnus of this College.