Binding stamp of Sir Edward Dering (1598-1644)

Gold-stamped arms of Sir Edward Dering, from Theophylactus' commentary on St Paul's epistles (London, 1636). Dering began as an aspiring courtier to Charles I, with the Duke of Buckingham as his patron. In 1640 he was elected to the Long Parliament but his subsequent career veered erratically between Royalist and Parliamentarian positions. He was also active in local Kentish politics as Lieutenant of Dover Castle, and as a magistrate. His interest in Kent extended to the antiquarian, but his main writings were anti-Catholic controversial tracts, often arguing the novelty of Roman practice, and using the texts of the church fathers - such as the one here - to support his views. He died of what may have been a brain tumour soon after abandoning the Royalist cause in 1644.

Gift of Stuart Oliver Ridley.