Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert 2021

An hour-long programme of organ works will be livestreamed

The fifteenth annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert will take place on Thursday 24 June 2021.

The concert will be given by James O'Donnell FRCO HonRAM at 8pm in Christ Church Cathedral, and it will be streamed live online due to the pandemic; physical attendance is not possible.

Mr O'Donnell will play an hour-long programme of organ works by Bach, Handel, de Grigny, Gibbons and Byrd. 

Dr Howard Andrew Chamblin came to St John's College in 1992 on a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship to study for a PhD after studying at Oxford University on an Overseas Research Scholarship. He studied classical and quantum gravity with Professor Gary Gibbons and Professor Stephen Hawking at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Awarded a J T Knight Essay Prize, Andrew successfully defended his thesis entitled 'Aspects of Topology in Classical and Quantum Gravity'. 

A year after Andrew's death in 2006, Professor Stephen Hawking gave the inaugural Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture entitled Out of a Black Hole. The Andrew Chamblin Memorial Concert started the same year, and has been held in Christ Church Cathedral every year since.

The concert is free and tickets are not required.

Watch the live concert here.

Published: 24/5/2021

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