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St John's College W.125

Louis Cha, Book of condolence. English and Chinese, 2018. 

Manuscript book containing memories of Professor Louis Cha, GBM, OBE, Honorary Fellow, who died 31 October 2018. Known widely by his pen name Jin Yong, he was one of China’s most celebrated authors. He graduated with a PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2010, the same year that he became an Honorary Fellow of St John’s, at the age of 86.

St John’s College W.124

Alfred Domett (1811-1887) and family, Poetical commonplace book. English, predominantly 1861-69.

Alfred Domett studied at St John’s from 1829-32. A life-long friend of Robert Browning, he published his first poetry collections in the 1830s. In 1842 he emigrated to New Zealand, where he became a skilled administrator. He served in both the House of Representatives and the Legislative Council before taking office as Colonial Secretary [i.e. Prime Minister] from August 1862 to October 1863. He returned to England in 1871 and resumed a literary career.

Liuhe neiwai suoyan

Liuhe neiwai suoyan. (Tales of the world) 六合內外璅言. by Shuyu Yisun (i.e. Tu Shen). ca. 1800.

A collection of short stories by 屠紳 Tu Shen (1744-1801), published anonymously in Guangzhou (aka Canton) shortly after 1797 as a revised edition. Each story has a corresponding full leaf illustration.

Sancai fami

Sancai fami. (The secrets of the three powers [heaven, earth and mankind]) 三才發秘. by Chen Wen. ca. 1697.

This work is an exploration of the secret of the triad of Heaven, Earth, and Man. Its eight volumes are divided into three parts, each concentrating on one of the three powers : heaven, earth, and mankind.

Xinke Shujing Tizhu

Xinke Shujing Tizhu. (New commentary on the book of documents) 新刻書經體註. by Fan Xiang. 1795; woodblocks carved by Zhenxian Hall, c.1795.

The Book of Documents is one of the Five Classics (Wujing) in the traditional Confucian canon.

Wanxiao tang huazhuan

Wanxiao tang huazhuan. (Pictorial biographies of the Wanxiao Hall) 晚笑堂畫傳. by Shangguan Zhou.

Wushuang Pu

Wushuang Pu. (Pictorial album of unique persons) 無雙譜. by Jin Guliang. ca. 1670.

This work contains a collection of beautiful illustrations of forty famous historical figures from the Han dynasty to

Xiandi pipa pu

Xiandi pipa pu (Music score for Chinese flute and lute) 絃笛琵琶譜. by the Nanxi master, 1770.

This flimsy pamphlet contains thirteen pieces of music for Chinese lute and flute using the Gongche notation, a system of traditional Chinese music score. There is one illustration of a sanxian (three-stringed Chinese lute), flute, and vertical flute.

St John's College W.123

Alex Shinn, Thesis. English. 2017.

Alex Shinn: printed copy of doctoral thesis, entitled “Religious, liturgical and musical change in two humanist foundations in Cambridge and Oxford, c.1534 to c.1650: St John’s College, Cambridge, and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. A study of internal and external outlook, influence and outcomes”. Submitted to the Faculty of Humanities, University of Fribourg, Switzerland for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, October 2017.   Two volumes: the second contains supplements, appendices, and bibliography.

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