The Newell Classics Event

The Newell Classics Event was established in 2015, following a generous bequest from a Johnian. The aim is to celebrate all that is exciting, creative and forward-thinking in the world of Classics, and bring it to the attention of a wide public.

2023 - Natalie Haynes in conversation with Prof Tim Whitmarsh.

2022 - Prof Emily Greenwood, The Black Sappho.

2021 - Edith Hall, How Virgil Framed Dido.

2019 - Walter Scheidel, What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us?

2018 - Emily Wilson, The Odyssey live (world premiere).

2017 - Tom Holland and AC Grayling: The Origins Of Secularism: Is secularism a Christian or Greco-Roman idea?

2016 - Ali Smith in conversation with Charlotte Higgins, Why Read the Classics?