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New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: March 2020


AV SJC.ASH Ash Wednesday / St. John's College (University of Cambridge). Perivale, Middlesex: Signum Records, 2020.

AV SJC.KYR Kyrie / Perivale, Middlesex: Signum Records, 2017.

AV SJC.LOC Locus Iste / Perivale, Middlesex: Signum Records, 2019.

AV SJC.MAG Magnificat / Perrivale, Middlesex: Signum Records, 2019.

DVD ENG.ada.gra  Ad astra / [Los Angeles, California]: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2020.

DVD ENG.bla.dep The black dahlia / [Los Angeles, Calif.]: Millennium Films, 2006.

DVD ENG.bre.hug The breakfast club / [California]: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, 2018.

DVD ENG.dar.nol The complete dark knight trilogy / [Burbank, CA]: Warner Bros Entertainment, 2018.

DVD ENG.eve.and Event horizon. Special edition. / [Hollywood, Calif.]: Paramount Pictures, 1997.

DVD ENG.jok.phi Joker / [Burbank, CA]: Warner Bros Home Entertainment, [2019].

DVD ENG.kni.mal Knight of cups / [London]: StudioCanal Limited, 2016.

DVD ENG.mea.gom Me and Earl and the dying girl / [Los Angeles, Calif.]: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2016.

DVD ENG.rai.lev Rain man. Special edition. / [Beverly Hills, Calif.]: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, 2009.

DVD Road to perdition / [Los Angeles]: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, c2003.

DVD ENG.sch.spi Schindler's list: 25th anniversary edition. / [California]: Universal Pictures, 2019.

DVD ENG.tot.mal To the wonder / [London]: Studiocanal, 2013.

DVD ENG.war.hil The Warriors. Ultimate director's cut. / [Hollywood, Calif.]: Paramount Pictures, 2018.

DVD SHA.all.bra All is true / Culver City, CA: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2019].

DVD SPA.dol.alm Pain & glory / [London]: Pathé Productions Limited, 2020.

DVD SPA.mal.alm Bad education / [S.l.]: El Deseo, 2004.

DVD SPA.pie.alm The skin I live in / [London]: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment distributor; Pathé, c2011.

MUS BAC.pia.ola Johann Sebastian Bach / Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750 composer. Berlin: Deutsche Grammophon, 2018.

TV BOX and.viv And then there were none / [United States]: Distributed by RLJ Entertainment Inc; Acorn Media, 2016.

TV BOX. gav.ger Gavin & Stacey - the complete collection / [London]: BBC Worldwide Ltd, 2017.

TV BOX.fli Flight of the Conchords: Born to folk. / [New York]: HBO Entertainment, 2009.

TV BOX.fri Friends - the complete series / [Burbank, CA]: Warner Bros Home Entertainment, 2018.

TV Good omens / London: BBC Studios, 2019.

TV BOX.pea Peaky Blinders - the complete series 1-5 / [London]: BBC Studios, 2019.

TV BOX.pri.dav Pride and prejudice / London: 2 Entertain, c2011.     

General Interest

General Interest Non-Fiction CAI Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking / London: Penguin, 2013.

General Interest Novels MAN The mirror & the light / Mantel, Hilary, 1952- author. London: 4th Estate, 2020.

General Interest Poetry EVE Everything preserved: poems, 1955-2005 / Everson, Landis, 1926- author. Saint Paul, Minn.: Graywolf Press, c2006.

General Interest Poetry HAR Rendang / Harris, Will author. London: Granta, 2020.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BL 1858.M3 The worship of Confucius in Japan / McMullen, James, 1939- author. Cambridge, Mass.; Harvard University Asia Center; Distributed by Harvard University Press, 2020.

BR 115.I5.L9 Wrestling with God: ethical precarity in Christianity and international relations / Lynch, Cecelia author. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.

BR 758.W3 Civil religion and the enlightenment in England, 1707-1800 / Walsh, Ashley author. Martlesham: The Boydell Press, 2020.

BX 4705.N5.M6.1911 Letters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English Church: with a brief autobiography / Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890 author. New impression. London: Longmans Green and Co, 1911.


D770.M3 The War for the seas: a maritime history of world war II / New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 2019.

DA 86.22.B4.W5 The Admiral Benbow / Willis, Sam. London: Quercus, 2010.

DA 87.1.A1.L4 Precursors of Nelson: British admirals of the eighteenth century / London: Chatham, 2000.

DA 87.1.B8.W3 Admiral Byng: his rise and execution / Ware, Chris author. Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Pen & Sword, 2009.

DA 87.C6 The Seven Years War: a study in British combined strategy / Corbett, Julian Stafford, 1854-1922. London: Folio Society, 2001.

DA 87.R6 A history of the Royal Navy: the Seven Years War /  Robson, Martin (Specialist in British naval history), author. London: IB Tauris, 2016.

DA 591.T47.M6 Margaret Thatcher: the authorized biography, vol. 1 & 2. Moore, Charles, 1956- author. London: Penguin Books, 2014.

DA 774.5.S2 Scotland and the British Empire / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

DC 226.4.H6 Death before glory: the British soldier in the West Indies in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars 1793-1815 / Howard, Martin R., author. Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Pen & Sword Military, 2015.

DS 779.4.G8 China's "peaceful rise" in the 21st century: domestic and international conditions / Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006.

DT 515.4.J6 Be(com)ing Nigerian: a guide / John, Elnathan, 1982- author. London: Cassava Republic Press, 2019.                       

Geography & Anthropology                

G 70.4.J6 Remote sensing of vegetation : principles, techniques, and applications / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.

GN 635.I78.B7 Planted flags : trees, land, and law in Israel/Palestine / Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HB 883.5.D3 Time and the generations: population ethics for a diminishing planet / Dasgupta, Partha, author. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, [2019].

HC 79.E5.G6 What we need to do now: towards a green new deal / London: Profile Books, 2020.

HC 240.25.G7.O7 A short history of Brexit: from Brentry to Backstop / O'Rourke, Kevin H. author. London: Pelican, 2019.

HF 1007.H5 2009 Globalization in question. Third edition / Paul Hirst, Grahame Thompson and Simon Bromley. Cambridge: Polity, 2009.

HF 1583.C3 Super continent: the logic of Eurasian integration / Calder, Kent E. author. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2019.

HM 1216.M8 The madness of crowds: gender, race and identity / Murray, Douglas, 1979- author. London: Bloomsbury Continuum, 2019.

HQ 2044.U6.G5 The birth (and death) of the cool. [First paperback edition]. / Gioia, Ted author. Golden, Colorado: Fulcrum Publishing, [2019].

Political Science

JF 801.I8.c Citizenship after orientalism: transforming political theory / Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

JZ 1324.L5 Climate change and the nation state: the realist case / Lieven, Anatol author. London: Allen Lane, 2020.

Law & Criminology

KD 1554.C5 Chitty on contracts. Latest ed. / London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2018.

KD 1650.B4 Benjamin's sale of goods. Latest ed. / [general editor M. Bridge]. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2017.

KD 531.5.2018 Stroud Francis Charles Milsom, 1923-2016 / Baker, John H. author. London: Selden Society, 2018.

KD 531.S4 Selden Society, vol. 135. / Publications of the Selden Society. London: Quaritch, 1887-.

KD 703.D3.M3 McGregor on damages. Latest ed. / McGregor, Harvey. London: Sweet and Maxwell, 2018.

KD 8329.A8 Archbold: criminal pleading, evidence and practice. Latest ed. / Archbold, John Frederick, 1785-1870. editor P.J. Richardson. London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2017.

KJE 6456.B4 Bellamy & Child European Union law of competition. Eighth edition. / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.

KJV 4079.F3 Droit constitutionnel. [Latest ed.]. / Paris: Dalloz, 2016.

KL 4384.2.K3 Thucydides on International Law and Political Theory / Kareklas, Iacovos, author. London: Lexington Books, 2020.

Fine Arts & Architecture

N 5273.2.M3.M3 Imagining the Americas in Medici Florence / University Park, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press, [2016].

N 6260.B5.i Islamic arts / Bloom, Jonathan. London: Phaidon, 1997 (repr.1998).

N 7132.D4 Portuguese artists in London: shaping identities in post-war Europe / London: Routledge, 2019.

NA 997.M3.D8 Edward Maufe: Architect and cathedral builder / Bury: Moyhill Publishing, 2019.

NA 2500.R3 Constructions / Rajchman, John. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, c1998.

Language & Literature

P 116.T4 Why chimpanzees can't learn language and only humans can. First Edition. / Terrace, Herbert S., 1936- author. New York: Columbia University Press, [2019].

P 118.2.H3.h How second languages are learned: an introduction / Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019.

PA 8500.S6 The correspondence of Erasmus: letters 2635 to 2802 / Erasmus, Desiderius, -1536 author. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2019.

PE 1611.M3 The dictionary wars: the American fight over the English language / Martin, Peter, 1940- author. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2019.

PN 1995.9.P42.F5 Film as philosophy: essays in cinema after Wittgenstein and Cavell / Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.

PN 1997.B596.B8 Blade runner - a movie. 40th anniversary edition. Introduction by Oliver Harris. / Burroughs, William S., 1914-1997 author. London: Tangerine Press, 2019.

PN 1998.3.M3.S5 Terrence Malick: filmmaker and philosopher / Sinnerbrink, Robert author. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019.

PQ 155.A5 Le manuel dé pechez: Cambridge University Library ms Mm.6.4. / William, de Wadington, active 13th century author. Oxford: Anglo-Norman Text Society, 2019-.

PQ 155.A5.OPS 9 Reginald of Durham's Life of St Godric: an Old French version / Reginald, of Durham, -1190, author. Oxford: Anglo-Norman Text Society, 2019.

PQ 155.A6 Lettre d'Alexandre sur les merveilles de l'Inde (Cambridge , Fitzwilliam Museum, CFM 20) / Oxford: Anglo-Norman Text Society, 2019.

PQ 4811.E6.Z5 1990 Grazia Deledda: ethnic novelist / Aste, Mario. Potomac, Md.: Scripta Humanistica, [1990].

PQ 6613.8.S4 2017 Señas de identidad / Alianza Editorial, 2015.

PQ 6655.L4.E4 El último patriarca / Editorial Planeta SA, 2010.

PR 2342.D4.1966 A defence of poetry / Sidney, Philip, Sir. Oxford: OUP, 1966.

PR 471.S6 The Cambridge companion to British literature of the 1930s / Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2019.

PR 5841.W8.J6 Mary Wollstonecraft in context / Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.

PR 5892.C63.B4 Wordsworth's fun / Bevis, Matthew author. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2019.

PR 6031.I6.T7 Trial by battle / Piper, David author. London: Imperial War Museums, 2019.


QA 274.4.R3 Gaussian processes for machine learning / Rasmussen, Carl Edward, author. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, [2006].

QC 981.8.G56.F8 The future we choose: surviving the climate crisis / London: Manilla, 2020.

QD 415.E8 Essays in biochemistry, vol. 63(6) / London: Published for the Biochemical Society by Academic Press, 2019.

QH 343.4.F8 Fundamentals of geobiology /      Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

QL 85.H3 Staying with the trouble: making kin in the Chthulucene / Durham: Duke University Press, 2016.

QP 1.A5 Annual review of physiology. / Palo Alto, Calif.: Annual Reviews, 1939-.

QP 101.L4 2018 Levick's introduction to cardiovascular physiology. Sixth edition. / Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2018.                                                                                                                                                                   


RM 267.S3 The antimicrobial drugs. 2nd ed. / Eric M. Scholar, William B. Pratt. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.

RM 300.K3 2018 Basic & clinical pharmacology. Fourteenth edition. / New York: McGraw Hill Education, [2018].

RM 300.P3 Pharmacolog. Fifth edition. / [Amsterdam]: Elsevier, 2019.

RS 403.S5 2014 The organic chemistry of drug design and drug action. Third edition / Richard B. Silverman, Mark W. Holladay. Amsterdam: Academic, [2014].

RS 420.D7 Drug design: structure- and ligand-based approaches / Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

RS 420.D78 Textbook of drug design and discovery. Fifth edition. / edited by Kristian Str²mgaard, Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen, Ulf Madsen. Boca Raton: CRC Press, [2017].


TA 455.P58.D4 Structure and rheology of molten polymers: from structure to flow behavior and back again. 2nd edition. / Munish: Hanser Publishers, [2018].

Reference & Other

J HUG The wedding presents: a Jubilee poem / Hughes, Rex (Poet) author. North Walsham: Warren House Press, 1977.

J TOR The Palgrave international handbook of basic income / Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.

REF.13.CAMB.JOH St John's College Library annual report. Cambridge: St John's College 2018-19.