New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: April 2022



DVD ENG.kin.gre King Richard / [Burbank, CA] : Warner Bros Entertainment 2022.

DVD ENG.wes.spi West side story / [Burbank, CA] : 20th Century Studios 2022.

DVD GER.ton.ade Toni Erdmann / [London] : Soda Pictures 2017.

DVD JAP.kok.osh Ghost in the shell / UK : Manga 2003.

DVD JAP.kon.kat Kono sekai no katasumi ni = in this corner of the world / [Chicago, Ill.] : Manga  Entertainment Ltd 2017.

DVD RUS.lev.zvy Leviathan / London : Artificial Eye 2014.

DVD Pájaros de verano = birds of passage / [London] : Curzon Artificial Eye 2019.

DVD WOR.mus.erg Mustang / UK : Curzon Artificial Eye 2016.

DVD WOR.myf.vol My father my Lord : Hufshat kayits / [London.] : Artificial Eye [2010]

DVD Osama England : Drake Avenue Pictures Ltd 2004.

DVD WOR.per.alm The perfect candidate / [London] : Modern Films Entertainment Ltd 2020.


General Interest

General Interest Biography ZAU Crying in H Mart / Zauner, Michelle. London : Picador 2022.

General Interest Health & Wellbeing VAN The body keeps the score : mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma / Van der Kolk, Bessel A. UK : Penguin Books 2015.

General Interest Health & Wellbeing WAL Why we sleep : the new science of sleep and dreams / Walker, Matthew P. UK : Penguin Books 2018.

General Interest Language CHI Oxford beginner's Chinese dictionary / Oxford : Oxford University Press 2006.

General Interest Non-Fiction HAY Pandora's jar : women in the Greek myths / Haynes, Natalie.  London : Picador 2021.

General Interest Non-Fiction SOU No modernism without lesbians / Souhami, Diana. London : Head of Zeus 2021.

General Interest Non-Fiction WAD Square haunting : five women, freedom and London between the wars / Wade, Francesca. London : Faber & Faber 2021.

General Interest Novels FRY.h Heroes : Volume II of Mythos / Fry, Stephen. London : Penguin Books 2019.

General Interest Novels FRY.m Mythos / Fry, Stephen. London : Penguin Books 2018.

General Interest Novels HOE Miss Smilla's feeling for snow / Høeg, Peter. London : Harvill 1993.

General Interest Novels HUS What I loved / Hustvedt, Siri. London : Sceptre 2003

General Interest Novels LAB When we cease to understand the world / Labatut, Benjamín. Paperback edition. London : Pushkin Press 2021.

General Interest Novels MOR The night circus : a novel / Morgenstern, Erin. London :  Vintage Books 2012.

General Interest Novels NEL Open water / Nelson, Caleb Azumah. [UK] : Penguin 2022.

General Interest Novels OFA.h Hamnet / O'Farrell, Maggie. London : Tinder Press 2021.

General Interest Novels PET Detransition, baby / Peters, Torrey. London : Serpent's Tail 2021.

General Interest Novels POW The overstory / Powers, Richard. London : Vintage Books 2019.

General Interest Novels ROF.m The mermaid of Black Conch / Roffey, Monique. London : Vintage 2021.

General Interest Novels ROO.c Conversations with friends / Rooney, Sally. London : Faber 2018.

General interest Novels ROW.h6 Harry Potter and the half-blood prince / Rowling, J. K.  London : Bloomsbury 2005.

General Interest Novels TAR.s The secret history / Tartt, Donna. London, England :  Penguin Books 1993.

General Interest Poetry LON My darling from the lions / Long, Rachel. London :  Picador Poetry 2020.

General Interest Poetry NEW The craft of poetry : a primer in verse / Newlyn, Lucy.  New Haven : Yale University Press [2021]

General Interest Travel NOR The rough guide to Norway. Lee, Phil. Seventh edition / written and researched by Phil Lee. London : Rough Guides 2017.

General Interest Travel PEA The Peak District : local, characterful guides to Britain's special places / Moat, Helen, author. Second edition. UK : Bradt Travel Guides Ltd 2020.

General Interest Travel PEA.w Peak District park rangers favourite walks : 20 of the best    routes chosen and written by national park rangers. London : Collins 2022.

General Interest Travel SCO.h The rough guide to the Scottish Highlands & Islands. Ninth edition. London : Rough Guides 2020.

General Interest Travel VIE The rough guide to Vietnam. Ninth edition / updated by Ron Emmons, Rachel Mills and Martin Zatko. London : Rough Guides 2018.

General Interest Travel YOR The rough guide to Yorkshire. Fourth edition. London : Rough Guides 2021.


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B 808.9.S5 The significance of consciousness / Siewert, Charles P. Princeton, N.J. ; Chichester : Princeton University Press c1998.

BD 444.P6 Political theory on death and dying : key thinkers / London : Routledge 2021.

BF 199.F6 2020 How genes influence behavior / Flint, Jonathan. Second edition. Oxford,  United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2020]

BF 723.P48.T5 Theory of mind in middle childhood and adolescence : integrating multiple perspectives / Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2021.

BJ 1012.V3 Ethics matters / Vardy, Peter. London : SCM press 2012.



D539.T8 The Austro-Hungarian Army and the First World War / Tunstall, Graydon A. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2021.

DA 395.C7 Charles I and the people of England / Cressy, David. Oxford, United Kingdom :  Oxford University Press 2015.

DA 668.C7 England's islands in a sea of troubles / Cressy, David. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2020.

DA 87.7.M3 The floating republic : an account of the mutinies at Spithead & the Nore in 1797 / Manwaring, G. E. London : Frank Cass & Co Ltd 1966.

DA 87.T3 Sons of the waves : the common seaman in the heroic age of sail, 1740-1840 / Taylor, Stephen. New Haven : Yale University Press 2021.

DS 257.M6 Lettres persanes / Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de, 1689-1755. Oxford : Napoli : Istituto italiano per gli studi filosofici; Voltaire Foundation 2004.

DS 556.54.G6 The road to Dien Bien Phu : a history of the first war for Vietnam / Goscha, Christopher E. Princeton : Princeton University Press [2022]

DX 213.C7 Gypsies : an English history / Cressy, David. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2018.


Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HC 79.P6.A8 Measuring poverty around the world / Atkinson, A. B. Princeton, N.J. ; Oxford : Princeton University Press 2019.

HF 5415.M4 Strategic marketing / Merlo, Omar. London : Amazon 2020.

HM 1246.I4 Contesting conformity : democracy and the paradox of political belonging / Ikuta,  Jennie Choi. New York, NY : Oxford University Press [2020]

HM 621.B7 Culture is bad for you : inequality in the cultural and creative industries / Brook, Orian.  Manchester : Manchester University Press 2020.

HM 728.P8 Public intellectuals in the global arena : professors or pundits? / Notre Dame, Indiana :  University of Notre Dame Press [2016]


Law & Criminology

K 521.I5 International law reports. London : Butterworth & Co 1956-

KD 1179.A7 Manual of housing law / Arden, Andrew. Eleventh edition. London : LAG Legal Action Group 2020.

KD 1480.R5 The law of trusts / Penner, J. E. Twelfth edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2022]

KD 1554.D3 JC Smith's The law of contract / Davies, Paul S. Third edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2021]

KD 1650.A9 Atiyah and Adams' sale of goods / Twigg-Flesner, Christian. Fourteenth edition. Harlow, England : Pearson 2021.

KD 1859.B5 Birds' modern insurance law / Birds, John. 11th ed. London : Sweet & Maxwell 2019.

KD 1924.B8.a The law of restitution / Burrows, A. S. 3rd ed. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2011

KD 2079.G6 Gower : principles of modern company law / Davies, P. L. author. Eleventh edition. London : Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Ltd trading as Sweet & Maxwell 2021.

KD 2079.H3 Company law / Hannigan, Brenda. Sixth edition. Oxford, United Kingdom :  Oxford University Press [2021]

KD 2435.U3 Construction law : law and practice relating to the construction industry / Uff, John.  Thirteenth edition. London : Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters 2021.

KD 288.A64 The all England law reports. London : Law Journal Butterworth 1936-

KD 4879.C7 Administrative law / Craig, Paul. Ninth edition. London : Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters 2021.

KD 4879.E5 Administrative law / Endicott, Timothy Andrew Orville. Fifth edition. Oxford,  United Kingdom : Oxford University Press 2021.

KD 5354.78.Y4 Yellow tax handbook 2021-22. Latest ed. London : LexisNexis 2021.

KD 7499.D4 The law of evidence / Dennis, I. H. Seventh edition. London : Sweet & Maxwell Thomson Reuters 2020.

KD 750.A37.B6 Blackstone's statutes on family law : 2021-2022 / Great Britain, enacting jurisdiction. 30th edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press 2021.

KD 7864.B6 Blackstone's statutes on criminal law : 2021-2022 / Great Britain, enacting jurisdiction.  31st edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press 2021.

KD 7869.A4 Criminal law / Allen, M. J. Sixteenth edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2021]

KD 810.A29.B6 Blackstone's statutes on property law : 2021-2022 / Great Britain, enacting jurisdiction. 29th edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press 2021.

KD 8329.B5 Blackstone's criminal practice 2022. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2022.

KJC 5132.A4195.J3 Jacobs, White and Ovey, the European Convention on Human Rights / Rainey,  Bernadette. Eighth edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press [2021]

KJE 6456.E9 EU competition law : an analytical guide to the leading cases / Ezrachi, Ariel. Seventh edition. Oxford : Hart 2021.

KJE 947.C7 EU law : text, cases, and materials / Craig, Paul. Seventh edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2020.

KJE 947.E9 European Union law / Third edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press [2020]

KJV 4079.F3 Droit constitutionnel. Paris : Dalloz 2022.

KKD 1827.A9 2021 Bills of lading / Aikens, Richard. Third edition. Abingdon : Informa Law from Routledge 2021.

KZ 3180.S3 International law / Shaw, Malcolm N. Ninth edition. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2021.


Fine Arts & Architecture

N 6768.5.S87.M6 The British surrealists / Morris, Desmond. London : Thames and Hudson 2022.

ND 623.L5.F6 La bellezza e il nulla : l'antropologia cristiana di Leonardo da Vinci / Fornari,  Giuseppe. Genova : Marietti 1820 2005.


Language & Literature

PC 3225.B3 1973 Chrestomathie provençale (Xe-XVe siècles) par Karl Bartsch : sixième édition  entièrement refondue / Bartsch, Karl. New York : AMS Press Inc 1973.

PG 2951.K3 A history of Russian literature / Kahn, Andrew. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2018.

PG 2997.G4 Gender and Russian literature : new perspectives / Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1996.

PG 3476.Z34.B5 2020 Big kid's fairytales / Zamiatin, Evgeniĭ Ivanovich. [Place of publication not identified] : publisher not identified [2020].

PQ 7807.E5.P4 The Penguin book of Latin American short stories / London : Viking 1992, c1991.

PQ 9261.P417.A2 2020 The complete works of Alberto Caeiro / Pessoa, Fernando. New York : New Directions Publishing 2020.

PR 5841.W8.Z656 Romantic outlaws : the extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft & Mary Shelley / Gordon, Charlotte. London : Windmill Books 2016.



QA 37.2.D4 Mathematical methods in physics and engineering / Dettman, John W. Dover edition. New York : Dover Publications Inc 1988.

QA 37.3.J4 2005 Mathematics for engineers and scientists / Jeffrey, Alan. 6th ed. Boca Raton, Fla. ;  London : Chapman & Hall/CRC 2005.

QA 43.S7 Worked examples in mathematics for scientists and engineers / Stephenson, G. Dover edition. Mineola, New York : Dover Publications Inc 2019.

QA 611.3.S9 Introduction to metric and topological spaces / Sutherland, W. A. 2nd ed. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2009

QA 641.P7 Elementary differential geometry / Pressley, Andrew. 2nd ed. London : Springer c2010.

QC 903.K7 The physics of climate change / Krauss, Lawrence M. New York : Post Hill Press [2021]

QH 366.2.F8 2018 Evolution / Futuyma, Douglas J. Fourth edition. Sunderland,  Massachusetts : Sinauer Associates [2017]

QH 390.C5 Elements of evolutionary genetics / Charlesworth, Brian. Greenwood Village, Colorado : Roberts and Company c2012.

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QL 955.G5 2020 Developmental biology / Barresi, Michael J. F. Twelfth edition. New York, NY : Oxford University Press [2020]

QM 25.G7 2017 Human anatomy : color atlas and textbook / Gosling, J. A. Sixth edition. Edinburgh : Elsevier 2017.

QP 1.A5 Annual review of physiology. Palo Alto, Calif. : Annual Reviews 1939-

QP 145.G4 The second brain : a groundbreaking new understanding of nervous disorders of the stomach and intestine / Gershon, Michael D. New York : Quill 2003.

QP 335.2.L8 Principles of neurobiology / Luo, Liqun. Second edition. Boca Raton, FL ; Abingdon, Oxon : CRC PressTaylor & Francis Group 2021.

QR 171.A1.Y6 I contain multitudes : the microbes within us and a grander view of life / Yong, Ed. London : Vintage Books 2017.



R 489.A1.R6.f 500 years of the Royal College of Physicians / London : Third Millennium Publishing 2018.

RC 683.5.E5.H3 2019 The ECG made easy / Hampton, John R. Ninth edition. Edinburgh :  Elsevier 2019.

SF 610.5.H3 Handbook of veterinary communication skills / Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley- Blackwell 2010.

SF 756.28.H3 Coping with stress and burnout as a veterinarian : an evidence-based solution to increase wellbeing / Hamilton, Nadine. Samford Valley, QLD : Australian Academic Press 2019.

SF 895.M3 Large animal neurology / Mayhew, Ian G. 2nd ed. Chichester, U.K. ; Ames, Iowa : Wiley-Blackwell Pub 2008.



TA 418.9.C6.G5 Principles of composite material mechanics / Gibson, Ronald F. Fourth edition. Boca Raton : CRC Press 2016.

TA 645.C6 Frameworks, tensegrities, and symmetry / Connelly, Robert. Cambridge ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press 2022.

TJ 216.A8 2021 Feedback systems : an introduction for scientists and engineers / Åström, Karl J.  Second edition. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press [2021]

TJ 230.C5 Mechanical design engineering handbook / Childs, Peter R. N. Second edition.  Oxford [England] ; Cambridge, MA : Butterworth-Heinemann [2019]

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TJ 230.S3 Fundamentals of machine elements / Schmid, Steven R. Third edition. Boca Raton : CRC Press 2019.

TK 5103.7.L3 2017 A foundation in digital communication / Lapidoth, Amos. Second edition. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2017.