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New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: March 2021


General Interest

General Interest Health & Wellbeing WEI How to perform under pressure : the science of doing your best when it matters most / Weisinger, Hendrie author. London : John Murray Learning [2015].

General Interest Non-Fiction DAV Into the silence : the Great War, Mallory and the conquest of Everest / Davis, Wade. London : Vintage 2012.

General Interest Novels LIV The boy in the field / Livesey, Margot, author. London : Sceptre 2020.


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B 53.M5 What Is philosophy for? / Midgley, Mary, 1919-2018, author. London : Bloomsbury Academic 2018.

B 1649.R9.A3 2001 The problems of philosophy / Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970, author. Second edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2001.

B 2521.B6 Introduction to German philosophy : from Kant to Habermas / Bowie, Andrew, 1952 Cambridge : Polity c2003.

B 2521.H6 A short history of German philosophy / Hösle, Vittorio, 1960-, author. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press 2017.

BD 450.K5 Persons and personal identity / Kind, Amy author. Cambridge : Polity Press 2015.

BJ 1408.5.M5 Can't we make moral judgements? / Midgley, Mary, 1919-2018 author. London : Bloomsbury Academic 2017.

BM 197.6.T3 Challenge and conformity : the religious lives of Orthodox Jewish women / Taylor-Guthartz, Lindsey, author. Oxford : The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization 2021.

BM 538.H43.T8 A frog under the tongue : Jewish folk medicine in Eastern Europe / Tuszewicki, Marek, author. Oxford : The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization 2021.



D 531.K5 The German offensives of 1918 / Kitchen, Martin. Stroud : Tempus 2001.

D 767.6.B3 Soldiers of empire : Indian and British armies in World War II / Barkawi, Tarak, author. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2017.

D 860.K33 The return of history and the end of dreams / Kagan, Robert. 1st ed. New York : Knopf 2008.

DD 89.F8 2019 A concise history of Germany / Fulbrook, Mary, 1951- author. Third edition. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2019.

DP 99.C64 Caliphs and kings : Spain, 796-1031 / Collins, Roger, 1949- author. [Paperback edition] Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley Blackwell 2014.

DS 135.P6.P7 Polin : studies in Polish Jewry. © 2021 The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization 2021.

E 185.97.D8 W.E.B. Du Bois : revolutionary across the color line / Mullen, Bill, 1959- author. London : Pluto Press 2016.

E 487.D3 Look away! : a history of the Confederate States of America / Davis, William C., 1946- New York : Free Press c2002.                


Geography & Anthropology                

G 141.M6 Key concepts in historical geography / Morrissey, John, 1975- author. Los Angeles : SAGE 2014.

GE 190.G7.H4 Green and prosperous land : a blueprint for rescuing the British countryside / Helm, Dieter, author. Updated edition. London, UK : William Collins 2020.

GF 50.W5 Hybrid geographies : natures, cultures, spaces / Whatmore, Sarah. London : SAGE 2002.

GN 50.C7 2004 Ecological imperialism : the biological expansion of Europe, 900-1900 / Crosby, Alfred W. 2nd ed. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2004.

GN 289.N3 Genetic geographies : the trouble with ancestry / Nash, Catherine, author. Minneapolis ; London : University of Minnesota Press [2015].

GN 799.W26.K4 War before civilization / Keely, Lawrence H., author. Paperback ed. Oxford : Oxford University Press 1997.


Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

H 61.B3.s Social theory in the twentieth century and beyond / Baert, Patrick, 1961- author. Second edition.  Cambridge : Polity 2010.

H 61.J6 2018 Introducing social theory / Jones, Pip, author. Third edition. Cambridge, UK : Polity Press 2018.

H 62.Q3.F5 2018 An introduction to qualitative research / Flick, Uwe, 1956- author. 6th edition. Los Angeles : SAGE [2018].

HB 172.5.B5 2021 Macroeconomics / Blanchard, Olivier author. (Olivier J.) Eighth edition. Harlow, England : Pearson [2021], [i.e. 2020].

HB 172.5.M6 A concise guide to macroeconomics : what managers, executives, and students need to know / Moss, David A., 1964- author. Boston, Mass. :  Harvard Business School Press 2007.

HB 172.V3 2020 Intermediate microeconomics : a modern approach / Varian, Hal R. author. Ninth edition. New York : WW Norton & Company [2019].

HB 3716.K7 The return of depression economics / Krugman, Paul R. London : Allen Lane 1999.

HB 501.C6 The future of capitalism : facing the new anxieties / Collier, Paul, author. [London] UK : Penguin Books 2019.

HB 501.W6.o The origin of capitalism : a longer view / Wood, Ellen Meiksins, author. New edition. London : Verso 2017.

HB 74.5.B4 2020 Economics. Begg, David K. H. author. Twelfth edition / David Begg, Gianluigi Vernasca, Stanley Fischer, Rudiger Dornbusch. London : McGraw-Hill [2020].

HC 240.25.G7.T6 This sovereign isle : Britain in and out of Europe / Tombs, Robert, author. London : Allen Lane 2021.

HD 1251.R9 Rethinking the economics of land and housing / Ryan-Collins, Josh author. London, UK : Zed Books Ltd 2017.

HD 1251.S5 Who owns England? : how we lost our land and how to take it back / Shrubsole, Guy, author. London : William Collins 2020.

HD 1286.L5 Stop, thief! : the commons, enclosures, and resistance / Linebaugh, Peter, author.  Oakland, CA : PM [2014].

HD 7287.B36 Behavioural science and housing decision making : a case study approach / Bao, Helen X. H. author. London ; New York : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2020.

HD 7287.3.R6 Urban warfare : housing under the empire of finance / Rolnik, Raquel, author. London : Verso 2019.

HM 537.K3 Little quick fix : write a questionnaire / Kara, Helen, author. Los Angeles ; London : Sage 2019.

HT 165.5.R4 Readings in planning theory / Fourth edition. Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley Blackwell 2016.

HT 166.H3.u Urban and regional planning. Hall, Peter, 1932-2014 author. Sixth edition / Peter Hall, Mark Tewdwr-Jones. London : Routledge 2020.

HT 321.A7 A companion to urban economics / Oxford : Blackwell 2006.


Political Science

JA 76.A48 2016 The Wiley-Blackwell companion to political sociology / Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell 2016.

JC 330.P6 Forms of power / Poggi, Gianfranco, author. Cambridge : Polity Press 2001.

JN 147.L5 The Magna Carta manifesto : liberties and commons for all / Linebaugh, Peter, author. Berkeley : University of California Press [2008]

JZ 1313.K3 The world America made / Kagan, Robert. 1st ed. New York : Alfred A Knopf 2012.


Law & Criminology

K 3367.S9 Trials of the state : law and the decline of politics / Sumption, Jonathan, author. London : Profile Books 2020.

K 521.I5 International law reports. London : Butterworth & Co 1956-

KD 1949.S73 Three essays on torts / Stapleton, Jane, author. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2021.

KD 8329.A8 Archbold : criminal pleading, evidence and practice. Archbold, John Frederick, 1785-1870. Latest ed. / editor P.J. Richardson. London : Sweet & Maxwell 2020.


Language & Literature

P 53.454.R6 The wonders of language : or how to make noises and influence people / Roberts, Ian G. author. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2017.

P 61.R6 2014 A short history of linguistics / Robins, R. H. author. (Robert Henry) Fourth edition. London : Routledge 2014.

PA 6320.S3 Cicero : political philosophy / Schofield, Malcolm, author. First edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2021.

PC 2129.E5.H3 French grammar and usage / Hawkins, Roger author. (Roger D.) Fourth edition. London : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2015.

PC 2129.E5.J8 French grammar in context / Jubb, Margaret A. author. Fifth edition. New York : Routledge 2021.

PC 2129.E5.P7 A comprehensive French grammar / Price, Glanville. 6th ed. Oxford : Blackwell 2008.

PC 3293.F7.L4 Petit dictionnaire provençal-français / Levy, Emil, 1855- 5. ed. Heidelberg : C Winter 1973.

PC 3328.J3 1943 Jaufre : roman arthurien du XIIIe siécle en vers provencaux / [Paris] : Société des Anciens Textes Français 1943.

PN 1995.9.W4.F5 Radical frontiers in the spaghetti western : politics, violence and popular Italian cinema / Fisher, Austin, author. New paperback edition. London : I B Tauris 2014.

PQ 103.N4 The Cambridge introduction to French literature / Nelson, Brian, 1946- author. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2015.

PR 3069.R33.C3 The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare and race / Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2021.

PR 5841.W8.T6 Wollstonecraft : philosophy, passion, and politics / Tomaselli, Sylvana, author. Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press 2020.

PS 3360.A2 2020 Constance Fenimore Woolson : collected stories / Woolson, Constance Fenimore, 1840-1894 author. New York, N.Y. : The Library of America [2020].

PS 3571.P4.A6 2020 John Updike : novels 1968-1975 / Updike, John, author. New York : The Library of America [2020].

PT 2621.A26.Z588 The Cambridge introduction to Franz Kafka / Duttlinger, Carolin, 1976- author. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press 2013.



Q 325.5.S5 Understanding machine learning : from theory to algorithms / Shalev-Shwartz, Shai author. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2014.

QA 9.S7 The foundations of mathematics / Stewart, Ian, 1945- author. Second edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2015.

QA 176.J3 Representations and characters of groups / James, G. D. 1945- (Gordon Douglas), 2nd ed. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2004.

QA 184.2.S8 2006 Linear algebra and its applications / Strang, Gilbert, author. Fourth edition. Belmont, Calif. ; London : Thomson Brooks/Cole [2006].

QA 241.G7 Number theory revealed. Granville, Andrew, author. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society [2019].

QA 299.8.A4 Foundations of linear and generalized linear models / Agresti, Alan author. Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley [2015].

QA 300.B88 2015 Numbers and functions : steps into analysis / Burn, R. P., author. Third edition. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2015.

QA 320.B6 1999 Linear analysis : an introductory course / Bollobás, Béla. 2nd ed. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1999.

QA 371.B6 2017 Boyce's elementary differential equations and boundary value problems / Boyce, William E. author. Global edition. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Inc [2017].

QA 611.S5 Lecture notes on elementary topology and geometry / Singer, I. M. 1924- author. (Isadore Manuel), New York [New York] : Springer [1967?].

QA 612.M3 Algebraic topology / Maunder, C. R. F., Mineola, N.Y. : Dover 1996.

QA 845.G6 2014 Classical mechanics / Goldstein, Herbert, 1922-2005 author. Third edition. Harlow, Essex : Pearson [2014].

QC 174.12.G78 2018 Introduction to quantum mechanics / Griffiths, David J. 1942- author. (David Jeffery), Third edition. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2018.

QC 174.12.R3 2016 Quantum mechanics / Rae, Alastair I. M., author. Sixth edition. Boca Raton [Florida] : CRC Press [2016].

QC 174.125.W4 2015 Lectures on quantum mechanics / Weinberg, Steven, 1933- author. Second edition. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2015.

QC 174.8.P7 Statistical mechanics / Pathria, R. K. author. Fourth edition. Amsterdam : Academic Press 2022.

QD 504.S2 2017 Chemical, biochemical and engineering thermodynamics / Sandler, Stanley I., 1940- author. Fifth edition. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley [2017].

QP 624.B7 An introduction to molecular evolution and phylogenetics / Bromham, Lindell, author. Second edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press [2016].                                                                                                                                                                                                         


RA 409.H3 Medical statistics made easy / Harris, Michael, 1956 December 16- author. Third edition. Banbury : Scion [2014].

RA 644.C67.C3 Failures of state : the inside story of Britain's battle with coronavirus / Calvert, Jonathan, author. London : HarperCollinsPublishers 2021.

RA 644.C67.M3 Covid-19 : the pandemic that never should have happened, and how to stop the next one / Mackenzie, Debora, author. London : The Bridge Street Press 2020.

RA 776.9.M3 Health behavior change : a guide for practitioners / Mason, Pip author. Third edition. Edinburgh : Elsevier 2019.

RB 33.K6 2015 Robbins and Cotran atlas of pathology / Klatt, Edward C., 1951- author. Third edition. Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier Saunders [2015].

RB 111.R6 2018 Robbins basic pathology. Tenth edition / Vinay Kumar, MBBS, MD, FRCPath (Alice Hogge and Arthur A. Baer Distinguished Service Professor of Pathology, Biological Sciences Division and The Pritzker Medical School, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois), Abul K. Abbas, MBBS (dist Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Elsevier [2018].

RC 346.R6 2019 Adams and Victor's principles of neurology / Ropper, Allan H. author. Eleventh edition. New York : McGraw-Hill Education [2019].

RC 564.D8 Substance use disorders : a biopsychosocial perspective / Duncan, Perry Marshall, 1939- author. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2020.

RC 59.Y6 2016 Blueprints medicine / Young, Vincent B., author. Sixth edition. Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health [2016].

RC 681.F6 Cardiology / Foster, Thomas, author. Fifth edition. [Amsterdam] : Elsevier 2019.

RC 78.7.D53.C7 Critical observations in radiology for medical students / Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley Blackwell 2015.

RD 31.E4 2016 Lecture notes. Ellis, Harold, 1926- author. Thirteenth edition. Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley Blackwell 2016.

RD 34.R3 Clinical cases and OSCEs in surgery : the definitive guide to passing examinations / Ramachandran, Manoj, author. Third edition. London : Elsevier Ltd 2018.

RD 731.A6.t Apley and Solomon's concise system of orthopaedics and trauma / Solomon, Louis, author. Fourth edition. Boca Raton : CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group [2014].

RM 1.A5 Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology. Palo Alto, Calif : Annual Reviews 1976-



T 57.7.L8 2016 Linear and nonlinear programming / Luenberger, David G., 1937- author. Fourth edition. Cham, Switzerland : Springer 2016.

T 57.74.B3 2010 Linear programming and network flows / Bazaraa, M. S. author. Fourth edition. Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley 2010.

TA 350.M4 2020 Engineering mechanics / Meriam, J. L. author. (James L.), Ninth edition, SI version. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Inc [2020].

TD 159.4.G7 The smart enough city : putting technology in its place to reclaim our urban future / Green, Ben (City planner) author. Cambridge Massachusetts : The MIT Press 2020.

TK 9145.M8 2020 Nuclear energy : an introduction to the concepts, systems, and applications of nuclear processes / Murray, Raymond L., 1920-2011, author. Eighth edition. Oxford : Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann [2020]


Reference & Other

HAK The voyages and manifesto of William Fergusson, a surgeon of the East India Company 1731-1739 / Fergusson, William, approximately 1710-approximately 1776 author. London : Published by Routledge for the Hakluyt Society 2021.

J BOT Artificial life after Frankenstein / Botting, Eileen Hunt, 1971- author. 1st edition. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press 2021.

J FRO Blind evolution : the nature of humanity and the origin of life / Frost, David L. 1939- author. (David Leonard), Cambridge : James Clarke 2020.

J MAR The consequence of light / Marcoff, Anthony Alexei, 1956- author. Ipswich : The Magic Pen Press 2021.

J MAR the reality of dreams / Marcoff, Anthony Alexei, 1956- author. [Place of publication not identified] : publisher not identified 2020.

J RAO Selected works of Prof. Sarveswara Rao, a humane economist : a publication on the birth centenary of Prof. Bhavaraju Sarveswara Rao / Sarveswara Rao, B. author. Visakhapatnam : Bhavaraju Family 2015.

REF.3.DCIT.LAT Oxford Latin desk dictionary / Revised edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2005.