New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: April 2023



DVD FRE.gra.our La grande vadrouille / [s.l.]: Optimum World 2010.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BS 1199.W7.B3 Biblical women and Jewish daily life in the middle ages / Baumgarten, Elisheva. Philadelphia, Pa.: University of Pennsylvania Press 2022.


CB 19.G7 The dawn of everything: a new history of humanity / Graeber, David. London: Penguin Books 2022.

DA 375.H4 The blazing world: a new history of revolutionary England / Healey, Jonathan. London: Bloomsbury Publishing 2023.

DS 461.D3 Courting India: seventeenth-century England, Mughal India, and the origins of empire / Das, Nandini. New York: Pegasus Books 2023.

Geography & Anthropology

G 606.D6 The Arctic: what everyone needs to know / Dodds, Klaus. New York, NY: Oxford University Press [2019].

GF 13.F7 The earth transformed: an untold history / Frankopan, Peter. London: Bloomsbury Publishing 2023.

Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HF 486.E6.H6 Adventurers: the improbable rise of the East India Company, 1550-1650 / Howarth, David. New Haven: Yale University Press [2023].

HM 821.C4 Free and equal: what would a fair society look like? / Chandler, Daniel. London: Allen Lane 2023.

Fine Arts & Architecture

N 7304.5.M63.P3 Painting freedom: Indian Modernism and its three rebels / [Trecate]: Edizioni Astragalo 2021.

Language & Literature

PR 428.E56.J6 Pity and identity in the age of Shakespeare / Johnson, Toria. Woodbridge, Suffolk; Rochester, NY: DS Brewer 2021.

PR 1870.A1.W7 The Canterbury tales / Chaucer, Geoffrey. New edition, with an introduction and notes by Christopher Cannon. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2011.

PR 2065.G3.H3 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight / Oxford: Oxford University Press 2008.

PR 4484.N4 The new Cambridge companion to Coleridge / Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2023.

PR 6001.U4.A17 2022 Poems (vol. 2) / Auden, W. H. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press [2022].


RC 341.B3.n Neuroanatomy and neuroscience at a glance / Barker, Roger A. Fifth edition. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell 2018.

Reference & Other

J BEA Chinese album / Beaton, Cecil. London: Batsford 1945.

J BEA Far East / Beaton, Cecil. London: Batsford 1945.

J BRO Archaeological, architectural and topographical observations. Browne, David M. 2022?

J KEND Conducting interaction: patterns of behavior in focused encounters / Kendon, Adam. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1990.

J KEND Gesture in Naples and gesture in classical antiquity: a translation of La mimica degli antichi investigata nel gestire napoletano, “Gestural expression of the ancients in the light of Neapolitan gesturing” / Jorio, Andrea de, 1769-1851. Bloomington Indianapolis: Indiana University Press 2000.

J KEND Gesture: visible action as utterance / Kendon, Adam. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2004.

J KEND Sign language in Papua New Guinea: a primary sign language from the Upper Lagaip Valley, Enga Province / Kendon, Adam. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company [2020?].

J KEND Sign languages of aboriginal Australia: cultural, semiotic and communicative perspectives / Kendon, Adam. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1988.

J MAR the song of the sun / Marcoff, Anthony Alexei. BookPrintingUK [2022].

MAXWELL JZ 9.R44 Relações internacionais. Vols. 19-72 (incomplete) / Lisbon: Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais 2004.

MAXWELL JZ 9.R49 Revista brasileira de política internacional. Vols.55-58 / [Rio de Janeiro]: Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais 1958.