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New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: July & August 2018



DVD ENG.bel.asa Belle /  [England] : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [2014]             

DVD ENG.bla.coo Black Panther / Burbank, CA : Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2018.   

DVD Call the Midwife : Series One - Five / [London, England] : Neal Street Productions [2016].

DVD ENG.get.pee Get out / Universal, 2017.

DVD ENG.slu.boy Slumdog millionaire / [UK] : distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment; Pathé Productions, 2009.      

DVD ENG.sti.gla Still Alice / [London, UK] : Cuzon Artificial Eye, 2014.        

DVD ENG.que.fre The Queen / London : Granada Screen, 2007.      


General Interest

General Interest Novels MIE The city & the city / China Miéville. London : Pan Books, 2011. 


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B 1545.I5.1981 An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations / Indianapolis : Liberty Classics, 1981, c1976.             



D 766.9.H3 The battle for North Africa : El Alamein and the turning point for World War II /  Harper, Glyn. Bloomington, Indiana : Indiana University Press, 2017.

D 766.9.J6 - Alamein : the Australian story / Mark Johnston. South Melbourne : Oxford University Press, 2002.            

DA 198.K5 Henry I : the father of his people / Edmund King. London : Allen Lane, 2018.                      

DA 206.G4 Instruction for a ruler, De principis instructione / Giraldus Cambrensis. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 2018.                  

DG 206.G5.C3 The Cambridge companion to Edward Gibbon / Cambridge : Cambridge University

DS 340.T32018 A history of modern South Asia : politics, states, diasporas / Ian Talbot. New Haven : Yale University Press, 2016.


Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HC 79.E5.B3 A global green new deal : rethinking the economic recovery / Edward Barbier. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.            

HM 585.G5 Sociology /Eighth edition , Anthony Giddens. New Delhi : Atlantic Publishers and distributors, 2017.

HQ 629.B7 The sacred home in Renaissance Italy / Abigail Brundin. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018.               


Political Science

JF 2051.R6 On the side of the angels : an appreciation of parties and partisanship / Nancy Rosenblum. Princeton [New Jersey] : Princeton University Press, 2008.      

JK 1726.K3 The death of truth / Michiko, Kakutani. London : William Collins, 2018.               


Law & Criminology

K 521.I5 International law reports. London : Butterworth & Co, 1956.

KD 147.B6 Borkowski's textbook on Roman law ; Fifth edition / Paul Plessis. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2015.                

KD 1554.A29.R6 Blackstone's statutes on contract, tort & restitution : 2017-2018 / 28th edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017.           

KD 1554.C38.2018 Contract law / Sixth edition. Mindy Chen-Wishart. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018.

KD 1949.W5 Street on torts / Fifteenth edition. Christian Witting. Oxford, United Kingdom :Oxford University Press, 2018.              

KD 2225.W4  Competition law / Latest ed. Richard Whish. London : Oxford University Press, 20

KD 288.A64 The all England law reports. London : Butterworth Law Journal, 1936.

KD 7869.O7 Hogan, and Ormerod's criminal law / Fifteenth edition. David Ormerod. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018.            



LF 795.H4.T6 Hereford Cathedral School : a history over 800 years / Howard Tomlinson. Hereford : Logaston Press, 2018.                       



M1.M8 Restoration music for three violins, bass viol and continuo / Thomas Baltzar. London : Stainer and Bell, 2018.                      


Fine Arts & Architecture

NA 737.T6.W6. WorkLife / Tod Williams, Billie Tsien. New York : Monacelli Press, 2000.      


Language & Literature

PA 3612.Q5.P6 Posthomerica / Quintus, Smyrnaeus. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018.                 

PA 6156.L5 History of Rome / Livy. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press 2018          

PN 1997.2.T3 Even the rain / Paul Laverty. Pontefract : Route, 2011.               

PN 1997.A214.B4 Space Odyssey: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and the making of a masterpiece, First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition / Michael Benson New York : Simon & Schuster, 2018.          

PN 3365.C3 The Cambridge companion to the novel / Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

PN 56.K62.L5 Literatur und Wissen : ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch / JB Verlag. Metzler: Stuttgart, 2013.                      

PT 85.B4 Deutsche Literaturgeschichte : Von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart /Achte, aktualisierte und erweiterte Auflage. Wolfgang Beutin, Stuttgart : JB Metzler, 2013.              



QA 267.S3 Elements of automata theory / Jacques Sakarovitch. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009.                       

QC 882.42.B6 Atmospheric aerosols : properties and climate impacts / Boucher, Olivier.  Dordrecht : Springer, 2015.                        



RA 652.2.M3.K4 Modeling infectious diseases in humans and animals / Matthew James Keeling. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2008.            


Reference & Other

REF.10.BOOKS Writers' & artists' yearbook, Latest ed. London : Bloomsbury 2012.                

REF.12.BIOG  The International who's who. London : Europa, 1989.                

REF.13.CAMB.JOH St John's College Library annual report. Cambridge : St John's College 2004-