New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: July 2021



DVD ENG.big.coe The big Lebowski [S.l.] : PolyGram Filmed Entertainment 1997.

DVD ENG.cit.wel Citizen Kane Special ed. [S.l.] : RKO Radio Pictures 1941.

DVD ENG.dri.ref Drive / [S.l.] : Icon 2011.

DVD ENG.his.hyt The history boys [S.l.] : Fox 2006.

DVD ENG.ser.los The servant [S.l.] : Springbok Films 1963.

DVD ENG.tra.boy Trainspotting [S.l.] : Mutual Film Company 1996.

DVD EUR.say.par The colour of pomegranates [S.l.] : Second Sight Films 1969; 1984.

DVD FRE.del.jeu Delicatessen [S.l.] : StudioCanal Image 1991.

DVD FRE.jet.mar La jetee Sans soleil / [S.l.] :  Optimum Releasing 2011.

DVD FRE.par.dem The umbrellas of Cherbourg : 2 disc special edition [S.l.] :  Optimum World 2005.

DVD ITA.blo.ant Blow-up [S.l.] : Warner Brothers 1966.

DVD ITA.lad.des The bicycle thieves [S.l.] : Arrow Films 1948.

DVD ITA.mir.des Miracle in Milan [S.l.] : Arrow Films 1950.

DVD ITA.rom.ros Rome, open city [S.l.] : Arrow Films 1946.

DVD ITA.umb.des Umberto D [S.l.] : Arrow Films 1952.

DVD ITA.vit.fel I Vitelloni [S.l.] : Arrow Films 1953.

DVD JAP.yuk.ich An actor's revenge [S.l.] : British Film Institute 1962.

DVD RUS.idi.kli Come and see [S.l.] : Nouveaux Pictures 1985.         


General Interest

General Interest Food and Drink KYD Posh toast : over 70 recipes for glorious things - on toast / Kydd, Emily. London : Quadrille 2015.

General Interest Health and Wellbeing SOL The noonday demon : an anatomy of depression / Solomon, Andrew. London : Vintage 2002, c2001.

General Interest Novels BOU Firekeeper's daughter / Boulley, Angeline. London :  Oneworld 2021.


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BX 4700.A58.S6 Saint Anselm : a portrait in a landscape / Southern, R. W.  Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1990.



CB 216.B4 Dreamworlds of race : empire and the utopian destiny of Anglo-America / Bell, Duncan. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press [2020].

DA 20.C5 Sir Earle Page's British War Cabinet diary, 1941-1942 / Page, Earle. London ; Cambridge :Cambridge University Press for the Royal Historical Society 2021.

DA 485.C35 The Cambridge companion to eighteenth-century thought / Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2021.

DD 76.S6 Germany, a nation in its time : before, during, and after Nationalism, 1500-2000 / Smith,  Helmut Walser. First edition. New York, NY : Liveright Publishing Corporation a division of WW Norton & Company [2020].


Geography & Anthropology                

GE 195.F3 Environmentalism and global international society / Falkner, Robert. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2021.


Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HB 135.P4 2016 Mathematics for economists : an introductory textbook / Pemberton, Malcolm. Fourth edition / reprinted with corrections. Manchester : Manchester University Press 2020.



Political Science

JZ 1307.S3 Hans Kelsen's political realism / Schuett, Robert. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press 2021.


Law & Criminology

K 1401.F6 The intellectual property of nations : sociological and historical perspectives on a modern legal institution / Ford, Laura R. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2021.

K 521.I5 International law reports. London : Butterworth & Co 1956-

K 644.S4 Women in the medieval common law c.1200 -1500 / Seabourne, Gwen. Farnham, Surrey : Ashgate 2016.

KD 285 The Law reports, Weekly law report and Restrictive practices reports : consolidated index. London : Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales   1951-

KJV 115.G8 Lexique des termes juridiques. Paris : Dalloz 2020.

KJV 450.A9 Introduction au droit et thèmes fondamentaux du droit civil / Aubert, Jean Luc. Paris : Armand Colin 2021.

KZ 6515.T7 Law and sentiment in international politics : ethics, emotions, and the evolution of the laws of war / Traven, David. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2021.



M1.M8 English sacred music / Jeffreys, George, approximately 1610-1685, composer. London :   Stainer and Bell 2021.


Fine Arts & Architecture

N 72.P6.S6 Art and political thought in medieval England, c.1150-1350 / Slater, Laura. Woodbridge : The Boydell Press 2018.

Language & Literature

PN 781.C3 The Cambridge companion to literature and the Anthropocene / Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press 2021.


QA 273.B4.s   Studyguide for Introduction to probability / Bertsekas, Dimitri P. Second edition. Cram101 : Sim Valley CA 2014.

QA 911.T8 Buoyancy effects in fluids / Turner, J.S. Cambridge : CUP 1979.

QH 437.D3 2016 The selfish gene / Dawkins, Richard. 40th anniversary edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2016.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Reference & Other

9.53.106 Orationes funebres--I. In psalmum 61/De obitu Gratiani/De consolatione Valentiniani/De obitu Valentiniani/De obitu Theodosii / Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan. Berlin :  De Gruyter [2021].

REF.13.OXF.UNIV Oxford University calendar. University of Oxford. Oxford : J Cooke J Parker and J Munday 1935-

VSI Augustine Augustine : a very short introduction /Chadwick, Henry, 1920-2008. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2001, c1986.

VSI Hume Hume : a very short introduction / Ayer, A. J. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2000.

VSI Knowledge Knowledge : a very short introduction / Nagel, Jennifer, author. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2014.