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New Acquisitions


May & June 2018



AV SJC.VAU Vaughan Williams : Mass in G Minor / England : Signum Records, 2018.

DVD Blue Planet II / [London] : BBC    , [2017]

DVD The blue planet / London : BBC Worldwide, c2005.

DVD ENG.ato.wri Atonement / [U.K.] : Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd, 2007.

DVD ENG.bri.mag Bridget Jones's baby / Universal City, CA : Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 2017.

DVD Call me by your name / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; Frenesy Film Company SRL and La Cinefacture SARL, 2017.

DVD ENG.dun.nol Dunkirk / [California] : Warner Bros Home Entertainment, [2017]

DVD ENG.gam.ben Game of Thrones : Seasons 1-7 / [New York] : HBO Entertainment, [2011]

DVD ENG.gre.gra The Greatest Showman / [California] : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, [2017]

DVD ENG.hit.bel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy / [London, UK] : BBC Worldwide, [2003]

DVD ENG.hit.jen The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy / [S.l.] : Touchstone, 2005.

DVD ENG.hob.jac The hobbit : an unexpected journey / London : Warner Home Video (UK), 2013.

DVD ENG.hob.jac The hobbit : The desolation of Smaug / [London] : Distributed by Warner Home Video, [2014]

DVD ENG.hob.jac The Hobbit the battle of five armies / Burbank, CA : Distributed by Warner Home Video, 2015.

DVD Johnny English / [California] : Universal Studios, [2003]

DVD ENG.joh.par Johnny English Reborn / [California] : Universal Studios, [2011]

DVD ENG.leg.luk Legally blonde / [s.l.] : MGM Home Entertainment, c2002.

DVD ENG.lor.jac The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring / [California] Warner Bros, [2001]

DVD ENG.lor.jac The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King / [California] Warner Bros, [2003]

DVD ENG.lor.jac The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers / [California] Warner Bros, [2002]

DVD ENG.mis.hoo Les Misérables / [California] : Universal Pictures, [2012]

DVD ENG.myc.mic My cousin Rachel / [Los Angeles, California] : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2017]

DVD ENG.por.kni Porterhouse blue / [S.l.] : Carnival Films, 2008.

DVD ENG.sev.fin Se7en / [California] : Warner Bros Entertainment, [1995]

DVD ENG.sta.abr Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens / [California] LucasFilm Ltd, [2016]

DVD ENG.sta.joh Star Wars Episode VIII : The Last Jedi / [California] LucasFilm Ltd, [2018]

DVD Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri / Beverly Hills, California : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2018]

DVD Top gun / [S.l.] : Paramount Pictures, 1986.

LANG BSL British sign language / Paul Redfern. London : Hodder Education, 2016.

LANG CAN Cantonese Chinese for your trip : the beginner's essential travel phrases / London : Berlitz, 2014.

LANG CZE Czech for your trip : the beginner's essential travel phrases / London : Berlitz, 2014.

LANG LAT Get started in Latin / G.D.A. Sharpley. London : Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 2014.

LANG SWE Get started in Swedish / Ivo Holmqvist. London : Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, 2013.

LANG THA Thai for your trip : the beginner's essential travel phrases / London : Berlitz, 2014.


General Interest

General Interest Entertainment EGA Love with a passion called hate : the inside story of The Jam / Sean Egan. [London] : Askill Publishing, 2018.

General Interest Entertainment EGA The Clash : the only band that mattered / Sean Egan. Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield, [2015].

General Interest Poetry CAP Venus as a bear / Vahni Capildeo. Manchester : Carcanet, 2018.

General Interest Poetry DOS Girls are coming out of the woods / Tishani Doshi. Hexham : Bloodaxe Books, 2018.

General Interest Poetry KLO Ricantations / Loretta Collins Klobah. Leeds : Peepal Tree Press, 2018.

General Interest Poetry MIL Nowhere nearer / Alice Miller. Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2018.

General Interest Poetry MOH The displaced children of displaced children / Faisal Mohyuddin. London : Eyewear Publishing, 2018.

General Interest Poetry SCH New poetries 7 : an anthology / Manchester : Carcanet, 2018.


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BR 145.2.S8 The Church and Empire / Cambridge : Ecclesiastical History Society & Cambridge University Press, [2018]

BR 60.C6.L3 S. Hieronymi presbyteri opera : commentarii in prophetas minores. Commentarius in Abacuc / Saint Jerome. Turnhout : Brepols Publishers, 2018

BV 170.H4.L5 (OVERSIZE) English monastic litanies of the Saints after 1100. addenda, commentary, catalogue of saints, indexes / Woodbridge, Suffolk : Henry Bradshaw Society & Boydell Press, 2018.



CB 361.B8 The Renaissance / Peter Burke. Basingstoke : Macmillan Education, 1987.

D 13.B87 What is history really about? : a historian reflects on theory and practice / Peter Burke. Brighton : Edward Everett Root     , 2018.

D 537.C6 Relação do Reino de Portugal, 1701 / Thomas Cox. Lisboa : Biblioteca Nacional, 2007.

D 766.82.G4 German methods of warfare in the Libyan Desert / [New Hampshire?] : WK Hawthorne Publishers, [20--?]

D 766.82.G7 Rommel's North Africa campaign : September 1940-November 1942 / Jack Greene. Conshohocken, PA : Stackpole Books; Combined Books, 1994.

D 766.82.K7 Inside the Afrika Korps : the Crusader battles, 1941-1942 / Rainer Kriebel. London : Stackpole Books; Greenhill Books, 1999.

D 766.82.O7 War in the desert / Neil D. Orpen. Cape Town : Purnell, [1971]

D 767.6.I5 The Indian Army, 1939-47 : experience and development / Farnham, Surrey, England ; Ashgate           , c2012.

D 792.S6.B7 Eagles strike : the campaigns of the South African Air Force in Egypt, Cyrenaica, Libya, Tunisia, Tripolitania and Madagascar, 1941-1943 / James Brown. Cape Town : Purnell, c1974.

D 811.B3 War, wine and valour : five years fighting the Nazis / Douglas Baker. Essendon : Douglas M Baker, 2008.

DA 231.M6.M6 The greatest traitor : the life of Sir Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March, Ruler of England, 1327-1330 / Ian Mortimer. London : Jonathan Cape, 2003.

DA 245.F5 The fifteenth century XIV : essays presented to Michael Hicks / Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2015.

DA 426.F5 Cromwell's House of Lords : Politics, Parliaments and Constitutional Revolution, 1642-1660 / Jonathan Fitzgibbons. Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2018.

DA 522.L7.H3 Lord Liverpool : a political life / William Hay. Martlesham : The Boydell Press, 2018.

DA 550.H4 The age of decadence : Britain 1880 to 1914 / Simon Heffer. London : RH Books, 2017.

DA 68.G5 Peninsular preparation : the reform of the British Army, 1795-1809 / Richard Glover. Cambridge [Eng.] : University Press, 1963.

DC 126.V5.a Visitors to Versailles : from Louis XIV to the French Revolution / New York : Yale University Press; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2018.

DC 232.H3 Wellington's navy : sea power and the Peninsular War, 1807-1814 / Christopher D. Hall. London : Chatham Publishing, 2004.

DR 43.B3 The Balkans as Europe, 1821-1914 / Rochester : University of Rochester Press, 2018.

DS 135.E81.R3 Regional identities and cultures of medieval jews / London : The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization in association with Liverpool University Press, 2018.

DS 79.757.N6 Chilcot / Richard Norton-Taylor. London : Oberon Books, 2016.

DS 79.76.S4 Architects of delusion : Europe, America, and the Iraq War / Simon Serfaty. Philadelphia, Pa. : University Presses Marketing distributor; University of Pennsylvania Press, c2008.

DS 79.765.G7.S7 Public opinion, legitimacy and Tony Blair's War in Iraq / James R. Strong. London : Routledge, 2017.

DS 79.L3 Blair, Bush, and Iraq / Andrew Langley. London : Raintree, 2014.

DT 33.F3.a Alienation and freedom / Frantz Fanon. London, UK : Bloomsbury, 2018.

E 178.H6 American empire : a global history / A.G. Hopkins. Princeton ; Princeton University Press, [2018]

F 2519.3.P58.T7 Exiles, allies, rebels : Brazil's indianist movement, indigenist politics, and the imperial nation-state / Dave Treece. Westport, Conn. ; Greenwood Press, c2000.


Geography & Anthropology               

GF 90.R6 The Routledge companion to landscape studies / Peter Howard. London ; Routledge, 2013.


Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HB 72.B4 Morality and power : on ethics, economics and public policy / Michael Berry. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, [2017]

HD 9650.5.T5 Oil and the western economic crisis / Helen Thompson. Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]

HD 9910.5.T5 Threads of global desire : silk in the pre-modern world / Martlesham : The Boydell Press, 2018.

HT 1147.I73.O9 Perceptions of femininity in early Irish society / Helen Oxenham. Martlesham : The Boydell Press, 2016.

HT 169.5.S3 Urban planning in the global south : conflicting rationalities in contested urban space / Rick De Satgé. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

HT 371.U7 The urban political : ambivalent spaces of late neoliberalism / Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.


Political Science

JC 421.R8 How democracy ends /          David Runciman. London : Profile Books, 2018.

JC 423.T6 When democracies collapse : assessing transitions to non-democratic regimes in the contemporary world / Luca Tomini. London ; Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.

JS 323.C5 Cities under austerity : restructuring the US metropolis / Albany : SUNY Press, 2018.

JV 1027.M3 Britain's treasure islands : a journey to the UK Overseas Territories / Stewart McPherson. Poole, Dorset : Redfern Natural History Productions, 2016.


Law & Criminology

HV 6509.M8 Medieval and early modern murder : legal, literary and historical contexts / Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK ; Boydell Press, 2018.

K 5103.Z3 Rethinking punishment / Leo Zaibert. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

K 583.S5 Comparative law / Mathias M. Siems. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

KD 1686.S6.e.2017 Smith, Hogan, and Ormerod's essentials of criminal law / John Child. Oxford : Oxford University Press,  [2017]

KJV 4079.F3 Droit constitutionnel / Paris : Dalloz, 2016.



LF 3669.5.G4.2017 Ghislieri450 : un laboratorio d'intelligenze / Arianna Arisi Rota. Torino : Einaudi, [2017]



M 1620.S38.F7.1970 Lieder : für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung = for solo voice and piano / Franz Schubert. Frankfurt : CF Peters, [197-?]

M 1620.S385.F7 Sämtliche Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung / Robert Schumann. Leipzig: Peters, [s.d.]

M 2003.B3.M3 Passionsmusik nach dem Evangelisten Matthäus / Johann Sebastian Bach. Frankfurt : CF Peters, [19--]

M 2013.R67.P4 Petite messe solennelle : for soprano, alto, tenor and bass soli, SATB, harmonium and two pianos (ad. lib.) or orchestra / Gioacchino Rossini. London : Novello, [1997]

ML 410.M4.C5 Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux : from conception to performance / Roderick Chadwick. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

ML 410.M47.H5 Messiaen / Peter Hill. New Haven [Conn.] ;  Yale University Press, c2005.

ML 410.M47.H5 Olivier Messiaen : Oiseaux exotiques / Peter Hill. Aldershot : Ashgate, c2007.


Fine Arts & Architecture

NA 173.T5 (OVERSIZE) Le botteghe di Tiziano / Giorgio Tagliaferro, Firenze : Alinari 24 ORE, c2009           

NE 628.3.T8 (OVERSIZE) Print REbels : Haden, Palmer, Whistler and the origins of the RE (Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers) / Edward Twohig. London : The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE), 2018. 


Language & Literature

PA 3462.T7 Tragicorum Graecorum fragmenta (TrGF) / Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, c2004.

PA 3945.C3 Aetia / Callimachus. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.

PA 6279.C2.D9 Catilinarians / Cicero. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008.

PC 2112.V4.c Difficulteś expliqueés du franca̧is... for English speakers / Alain Vercollier. [Paris] : CLE International, [2004]

PN 55.C3 The Cambridge companion to literature and science / Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017.

PN 56.S47.L4 Hearing things : the work of sound in literature / Angela Leighton. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2018.

PQ 9697.A53.F5 A vida de José de Alencar / Luís Viana Filho. São Paulo : EDUFBA; Editora UNESP, 2008.

PQ 9697.M18.S3 Um mestre na periferia do capitalismo : Machado de Assis / Roberto Schwarz. São Paulo : Editora 34; Livraria Duas Cidades, 2000.    

PR 2818.A2.L3 King John / William Shakespeare. London : Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018.

PR 311.S6 Medieval to Renaissance in English poetry / A.C. Spearing. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1985.

PR 3403.Z5.C3 The Cambridge companion to "Robinson Crusoe" / Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

PR 468.W37.M3 Veteran poetics : British literature in the age of mass warfare, 1790-2015 / Catherine Mary McLoughlin. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

PR 6051.R5.U5 The unaccompanied / Simon Armitage. London : Faber & Faber, 2018.

PR 6100.C3 Called to account : the indictment of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair for the crime of aggression against Iraq--a hearing / London : Oberon Books, 2007.

PR 756.T72.O4 Women, writing, and travel in the eighteenth century / Katrina O'Loughlin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

PR 914.C8 Cultures of correspondence in early modern Britain / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2016]

PR 976.B3 Ballads and broadsides in Britain, 1500-1800 / Farnham : Ashgate, c2010.



Q 143.H9.M4 A longing for wide and unknown things : the life of Alexander von Humboldt / Maren Meinhardt. London : Hurst & Company, 2018.

QA 171.I9 The Mathieu groups / A.A. Ivanov. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018.

QA 297.H3 Mastering MATLAB / Duane C. Hanselman. Upper Saddle River ; Pearson, c2012.

QA 76.73.C153.W5 C++ concurrency in action : practical multithreading / Anthony Williams. Shelter Island, N.Y. : Manning, c2012.

QB 209.R3 The order of time / Carlo Rovelli. London : Allen Lane, 2018.

QC 174.12.R3 Quantum physics : a beginner's guide / Alastair I.M. Rae. Oxford : Oneworld, 2005.

QC 174.12.W5 The new quantum age : from Bell's theorem to quantum computation and teleportation / Andrew Whittaker. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.

QD 415.E8 Essays in biochemistry / London ; Published for the Biochemical Society by Academic Press.

QH 308.2.A4.2016 A-level biology : the complete course for AQA / Edited by Ciara McGlade.[Broughton-in-Furness] : Coordination Group Publications Ltd (CGP), [2016]

QH 366.A8 Evolution and belief : confessions of a religious paleontologist / Robert J. Asher. Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2012.

QH 367.5.A9 Evolutionary pathways in nature : a phylogenetic approach / John C. Avise. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007.

QH 84.B5 Biogeography : biological diversity across space and time / Mark Lomolino. Sunderland, Massachusetts, U.S.A. :            Sinauer Associates Inc Publishers, 2016.



RA 564.85.D8 Doing harm : the truth about how bad medicine and lazy science leave women dismissed, misdiagnosed, and sick / Maya Dusenbery. New York : HarperOne, 2017.



S 600.64.G7.P7 Farming, famine and plague : the impact of climate in late medieval England / Kathleen Pribyl. Cham : Springer, 2017.



TJ 756.C3 An introduction to thermodynamic cycle simulations for internal combustion engines / J.A. Caton. The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom : John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2016.

TK 5101.S6 Communication networks : an optimization, control, and stochastic networks perspective / R. Srikant. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014.


Reference & Other

REF.2.DICT SPA Diccionario Salamanca de la lengua española /           Madrid : Universidad de Salamanca; Santillana, 2006.