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New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: August – September 2020



DVD ENG.ava.wil Avanti! [S.l.] : MGM Home Entertainment c2007.

DVD ENG.for.wil A foreign affair [S.l.] : Universal Studios 2008.

DVD ENG.pos.ber Possessed / Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video ©2005.                                            


General Interest

General Interest Biography PAC Fingers in the sparkle jar : a memoir / Packham, Chris, 1961- author. [Paperback edition] London : Ebury Press 2017.

General Interest Non-Fiction BEL Futebol : the Brazilian way of life / Bellos, Alex, 1969- London : Bloomsbury 2003.

General Interest Non-Fiction ORR Motherwell : a girlhood / Orr, Deborah, 1962-2019 author. London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2020.

General Interest Non-Fiction WIN The salt path / Winn, Raynor, author. London : Penguin Books 2019.

General Interest Novels CLI Ready player one / Cline, Ernest, author. London : Arrow Books 2012.

General Interest Novels MOR The tattooist of Auschwitz / Morris, Heather, author. London : Zaffre 2018.

General Interest Novels SMI Girl meets boy / Smith, Ali, 1962- Edinburgh : Canongate 2008.

General Interest Poetry DUG Deformations / Dugdale, Sasha, author. Manchester : Carcanet 2020.

General Interest Poetry KAP How to wash a heart / Rider, Bhanu Kapil, author. Liverpool : Liverpool University press 2020.

General Interest Short Stories LOS Loss : great short stories by women chosen by Victoria Hislop. London : Head of Zeus 2014.


Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B 1901.P4.2000 Pensées / Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662. Nouv. éd. critique. Paris :  Librairie générale française 2000.

BS 2615.52.L6 Jesus in John's Gospel : structures and issues in Johannine Christology / Loader, William R. G., 1944- author. Grand Rapids : William B Eerdmans Publishing Company 2017.

BX 1492.W3 Vols. 1-111 The eve of Catholic emancipation : being the history of the English Catholics during the first thirty years of the nineteenth century / Ward, Bernard, 1857-1920. London, New York [etc.] : Longmans Green and Co 1911-12.



DA 170.T6 The chronography of Robert of Torigni / First edition. Oxford : Clarendon Press 2020.

DA 85.W5 Empire of the deep : the rise and fall of the British navy / Wilson, Ben, 1980- author. London : Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2013.

DA 86.1.B6.B3 General-at-sea : Robert Blake and the seventeenth-century revolution in naval warfare / Baumber, Michael. London : Murray 1989.

DC 34.5.M87.S3 The politics of the veil / Scott, Joan Wallach. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press c2007.

DP 517.S3 Portugal : a companion history / Saraiva, José H. Manchester : Carcanet 1997.         

E 185.6.D8 The souls of black folk : with "The talented tenth" and "The souls of white folk" / Du Bois, W. E. B. 1868-1963 author. (William Edward Burghardt), New York, New York : Penguin Books [2017]

E 487.V3 Their tattered flags: the epic of the Confederacy Vandiver, Frank E., 1925-2005. [1st ed.] New York, Harper's Magazine Press [1970]


Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HM 477.G3.W4.P6 Weber : a short introduction / Poggi, Gianfranco. Cambridge : Polity 2006.

HM 585.B5 Rethinking modernity : postcolonialism and the sociological imagination / Bhambra, Gurminder K. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan 2009.

HN 733.M4 Vol.2 The making of a new rural order in South China. McDermott, Joseph Peter, author. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2020.

HQ 75.I5.S6 The Cambridge companion to queer studies / Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2020.

HT 133.G5 The English town : a history of urban life / Girouard, Mark, 1931- author. New Haven ; London : Yale University Press 1990.


Political Science

JA 76.N4 The new handbook of political sociology / Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2020.

JZ 1480.P6 The false promise of liberal order : nostalgia, delusion and the rise of Trump / Porter, Patrick, 1976- author. Cambridge : Polity Press 2020.


Law & Criminology

K 521.I5 International law reports. London : Butterworth & Co 1956-

KD 1269.C6 2019 Intellectual property : patents, copyright, trade marks & allied rights / Llewelyn, David author. Ninth edition. [London] : Sweet and Maxwell/Thomson Reuters 2019.

KD 1480.W4 2017 Trusts law / Webb, Charlie, author. Fifth edition. London : Palgrave 2017.

KD 1554.A7.B8 2020 A casebook on contract / Burrows, A. S. author. (Andrew S.) Seventh edition. Oxford : Hart 2020.

KD 1554.A95 2020 Anson's law of contract /  Beatson, J. author. 31st edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2020]

KD 1949.L8 2017 Tort law : text and materials / Lunney, Mark. 6th ed. Oxford : Oxford University Press c2017.

KD 1949.M3 2019 Markesinis & Deakin's tort law / Deakin, S. F. author. (Simon F.) Eighth edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2019]

KD 1949.Q5 2019 Elliott & Quinn's tort law /  Quinn, Frances, 1963- author. Twelfth edition. Harlow, England : Pearson 2019.

KD 288.A64 The all England law reports. London : Law Journal Butterworth 2020 Vol.2

KD 3930.E4 2020 Public law / Elliott, Mark, 1975- author. Fourth edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2020]

KD 7888.A8 2019 Ashworth's principles of criminal law. Horder, Jeremy, author. Ninth edition / Jeremy Horder (professor of criminal law, London School of Economics and Political Science). Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2019]

KD 829.L4 2020 The principles of land law / Lees, Emma, author. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2020]

KD 829.M3.l 2020 Land law /  McFarlane, Ben, author. Second edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press [2020]

KJC 5408.H3 The role of monarchy in modern democracy : European monarchies compared / Oxford : Hart Publishing 2020.

KJV 4079.F3 2019 Droit constitutionnel / [Latest ed.]. Paris : Dalloz 2016.



ML 3776.P6 Jews and music-making in the Polish lands / London : The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization in association with Liverpool University Press 2020.


Fine Arts & Architecture

N 6865.D8.C5 Dürer / Smith, Jeffrey Chipps, 1951- London ; Phaidon c2012.

NA 1592.2.R3 Architecture of the third landscape : award-winning buildings of the Free State / Raman, Pattabi Ganapathi, author. Bloemfontein : Xpozure 2009.

NA 310.T3 Roman builders : a study in architectural process / Taylor, Rabun M. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2003.

NA 390.R3 Medieval architecture, medieval learning : builders and masters in the age of Romanesque and Gothic / Radding, Charles. New Haven : Yale University Press c1992.

NA 4287.L6.P6 Imperial London : civil government building in London, 1850-1915 / Port, M. H. (Michael Harry) New Haven, Conn. ; Yale University Press for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 1995.

NA 4829.A6.B7 Imperial gothic : religious architecture and high Anglican culture in the British empire, c. 1840-70 / Bremner, G. A., 1974- New Haven : Published for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art by Yale University Press [2013]

NA 5620.A1.H6 Constantine and Rome / Holloway, R. Ross. New Haven, Conn. ; Yale University Press 2004.

NA 590.B5.1988 Baroque and rococo : architecture and decoration / Ware : Wordsworth Editions 1988.

NA 610.W5 'A new road on which the world should travel' : John Ruskin, 'The nature of gothic' and William Morris / Wilmer, Clive, 1945- author. York : The Guild of St George Publications 2014.

NA 6750.L6.C7.2004 Palace of the people : the Crystal Palace at Sydenham 1854-1936 / Piggott, Jan. London : C Hurst & Co 2004.

NA 680.N8 The story of architecture / Nuttgens, Patrick. Oxford : Phaidon 1983.

NA 954.C6 Oriental architecture in the West / Conner, Patrick, 1947- author. London : Thames and Hudson 1979.

NA 963.P5 The architecture of medieval Britain : a social history / Platt, Colin.  New Haven [Conn.] ; Yale University Press 1990.

NA 966.5.N4.H3 The Palladians / Harris, John, 1931- London : Trefoil in association with The Royal Institute of British Architects Drawings Collection  1981.

NA 997.W7.D6 Christopher Wren / Downes, Kerry. Harmondsworth : Penguin 1971.

NA 997.W7.S8 Sir Christopher Wren / Summerson, John, 1904-1992. London : Collins [1965]

NB 94.A8 Architect and sculptor in classical Greece /   Ashmole, Bernard, 1894-1988. London : Phaidon Press 1972.

NX 652.W6.L4 His other half : men looking at women through art / Lesser, Wendy. Cambridge, Mass ; Harvard University Press 1991.


Language & Literature

PA 2087.5.J6.g.2016 Reading Latin: grammar and exercises. Jones, P. V. author. (Peter V.), Second edition. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2016.

PA 2087.5.J6.t.2016 Reading Latin: text and vocabulary. Jones, P. V. author. (Peter V.), Second edition. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2016.

PA 4020.A2.M6 1920 Homeri opera. Homer. Editio tertia. Oxonii : E Typographeo Clarendoniano ©1920.

PA 4229.L9.B6 Daphnis and Chloe / Longus author. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2019.

PA 4230.D37.H3 Lucian's On the Syrian goddess : an intermediate Greek reader : Greek text with running vocabulary and commentary / Lucian, of Samosata. 1st ed. [S.l.] : Faenum Pub 2012.

PA 6519.M6.A8.H6 Metamorphoses : book VIII / Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D. author. Issued with corrections. Oxford : Clarendon Press 1983.

PA 6700.A36.W3 1999 Nero / Suetonius, approximately 69-approximately 122, author. 2nd ed. London : Bristol Classical Press 1999.

PE 1171.B3 The Oxford reference guide to English morphology / Bauer, Laurie, 1949- author. [Paperback edition] Oxford : Oxford University Press 2015.

PE 1171.S3 English morphology and word-formation : an introduction / Schmid, Hans-Jörg, author. 3rd, revised and enlarged edition. Berlin : Erich Schmidt Verlag 2016.

PE 1175.M3 Analogy in word-formation : a study of English neologisms and occasionalisms / Mattiello, Elisa, author. Berlin : De Gruyter Mouton 2018.

PE 1583.K4 A web of new words : a corpus-based study of the conventionalization process of English neologisms / Kerremans, Daphné, 1982- author. Frankfurt am Main ; New York : Peter Lang Edition [2015]

PK 1726.C3 The Cambridge companion to Rabindranath Tagore / Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2020.

PN 1110.5.C3 A little history of poetry / Carey, John, 1934- author. New Haven : Yale University Press 2020.

PN 1590.F47.C3 The Cambridge companion to international theatre festivals / Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2020.

PN 1997.C516.R6 The man with the movie camera / Roberts, Graham, 1957- London ; IB Tauris 2000.

PN 56.F59.C3 The Cambridge companion to literature and food / Cambridge, United Kingdom :Cambridge University Press 2020.

PN 81.C7 The critic as amateur / New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic 2020

PQ 1512.R8.B4.2003 Le bel inconnu / Renaud, de Beaujeu, active 12th century-13th century. Paris : Champion 2003.

PQ 1682.C4.1994 Les cinq livres : Gargantua -- Pantagruel -- Le Tiers livre -- Le Quart livre -- Le Cinquième livre / Rabelais, François, approximately 1490-1553?. [Paris] :   Le Livre de poche c1994

PQ 9022.S49.L4 Legados e heranças : políticas (inter)sexuais hoje / Porto : Afrontamento 2020.

PQ 9199.A5 2019 Luís de Camões : a global poet for today / Camões, Luís de, 1524?-1580. Lisboa : Lisbon Poets 2019.

PR 5841.W8.Z554 The Wollstonecraftian mind / Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group 2019.

PR 5880.5.W8 Wordsworth's poets / Manchester : Carcanet 2003.

PR 6060.E52.A17 New selected poems / Jennings, Elizabeth, 1926-2001 author. Manchester : Carcanet Classics 2019.

PR 9369.3.C58.Z63 The Cambridge companion to J.M. Coetzee / Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press 2020.

PT 1340.S36.C6 Beyond tomorrow : German science fiction and utopian thought in the 20th and 21st centuries / Cornils, Ingo, author. Rochester, New York : Camden House 2020.



Q 124.97.F3 The light ages : a medieval journey of discovery /  Falk, Seb, author. London : Allen Lane 2020.

QC 176.8.N35.O95 Nanochemistry : a chemical approach to nanomaterials / Ozin, Geoffrey A. 2nd ed. Cambridge, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry c2009.

QC 178.8.E35.S6 2014 Electrical properties of materials / Solymar, L. author. (Laszlo) Ninth edition.   Oxford : Oxford University Press 2014.

QD 415.A5 Annual review of biochemistry. Palo Alto, Calif. : Annual Reviews 1932-                                                                                                                                                                                        


R 690.P5 2019 Medical interviews  : a comprehensive guide to CT, ST & registrar interview skills / Picard, Olivier, 1970- author. 3rd edition [London] : ISC Medical 2019

R 845.J3 Preparing for the Academic Foundation Programme : a medical student handbook /Jamshaid, Faisal, author. 1st edition. 2019]

R 845.K4 Academic foundation programme (AFP) secrets / Khajuria, Ankur, author. Beau Bassin, Mauritius : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2017.

RC 346.A5 Annual review of neuroscience. Palo Alto, Calif., 1978-

RC 454.M3 Psychiatry / Marwick, Katie, author. Fifth edition [Amsterdam] : Elsevier 2019.

REF.14.GRANTS The Grants register / London : Macmillan 2017.

RJ 506.D4.G7 So young, so sad, so listen : a parents' guide to depression in children and young people. Graham, P. J. author. (Philip Jeremy), Third edition / Philip Graham, Nicholas Midgley ; drawings by Christine Roche. London : RCPsych Publications 2020.



T 690.B1.A94 The Great Exhibition of 1851 : a nation on display / Auerbach, Jeffrey A., 1965- New Haven ; Yale University Press c1999.


Reference & Other

9.53.117 Enarrationes in Psalmos 61-70 / Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430 author. Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter [2020].

J RAP There and then : personal terms. Raphael, Frederic, 1931- Manchester : Carcanet 2013.

J SCH Fifty fifty : Carcanet's jubilee in letters / Manchester : Carcanet 2019.

NAV Nelson's letters to Lady Hamilton and related documents / Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Viscount, 1758-1805 author. London : Routledge 2020.

REF.14.GRANTS The Grants register / London : Macmillan 2017.

VSI Atmosphere The atmosphere : a very short introduction / Palmer, Paul I., author. First edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2017.

VSI Ice age The Ice Age : a very short introduction / Woodward, Jamie C., author. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2014.