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New Acquisitions

New acquisitions: April – July 2020


AV General Interest AYL Albert Ayler : Lorrach, Paris, 1966 / Basel: Hat Hut Records, 2002.

AV General Interest AYL Albert Ayler : Stockholm, Berlin, 1966 / Basel: Hat Hut Records, 2011.

AV General Interest AYL Albert Ayler Quartet: Copenhagen live, 1964 / Basel: Hat Hut Records, 2017.

AV General Interest AYL Albert Ayler Trio 1964 : Prophecy revisited. / Basel: Hat Hut Records, 2020.        

DVD CHI.hon.yim Red sorghum / [UK] : Drakes Avenue Pictures, 2008.

DVD DOC pow.bea Simon Schama's Power of art / Widescreen version; single sided. [South Burlington, Vt.] : Distributed by Warner Home Video; BBC Video, 2007, c2006.

DVD The life of birds: the complete series / [England] : BBC Video, 2012.

DVD DOC.eag.bel The eagle huntress / [UK] : Altitude Film, 2017.

DVD DOC.iam.pec I am not your negro / Los Angeles, CA : Magnolia Home Entertainment, [2017].

DVD The life of mammals the complete series / London : BBC Worldwide, c2012.

DVD DOC.naz.ree The Nazis: a warning from history. London : BBC, c2004.

DVD DOC.oft.dav Of time and the city. [London] : British Film Institute, 2009.

DVD DOC.pom.els Pompeii: life and death in a Roman town / [London] : imcvision distributor; Lion Televsion All 3 Media, [2013].

DVD DOC.spi.loa The spirit of '45 a film directed by Ken Loach. [London] : Dogwoof, 2013.

DVD DOC.the.jac They shall not grow old. London : Warner Bros, 2018.

DVD ENG.arr.vil Arrival. Hollywood, CA : Paramount Pictures, 2017.

DVD Booksmart / UK : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2019].

DVD ENG.bri.lea The bridge on the river Kwai. Special 2 disc widescreen ed. London : Columbia Tristar Home Video, c2000.

DVD ENG.clo.pol Close my eyes / [London, England] : Film Four International, 2009.

DVD ENG.def.kra The defiant ones / Dual format edition. [Beverley Hills, California] : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios , 2018.

DVD ENG.dja.tar Django unchained. London : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, c2013.

DVD ENG.emp.spi Empire of the sun / [Burbank, CA] : Warner Bros Home Entertainment, 2012.

DVD ENG.eng.min The English patient / 2011 edition for Blu-ray. [Los Angeles, Calif.] : Miramax, 2011.

DVD ENG.fin.sta Finding Nemo. Burbank, Calif. : Walt Disney Studios, 2013.

DVD ENG.fiv.wil Five graves to Cairo / [Universal City, CA] : Universal Studios International, 2014.

DVD ENG.get.hod Get Carte r/ [Burbank, CA] : Warner Bros Home Entertainment, 2014.

DVD ENG.gir.opl The girl with the dragon tattoo: The girl who played with fire; The girl who kicked the hornet's nest. Extended ed. [Chicago] : Momentum Pictures, c2011.

DVD Goodfellas. Two-disc special ed. Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 2004.

DVD ENG.gre.far Green book / [U.K] : Entertainment One UK, 2019.

DVD ENG.hel.sie Hell is for heroes. Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Home Video, c2001, 1962.

DVD ENG.ida.loa I, Daniel Blake. London : Entertainment One UK, 2017.

DVD Inception. [London] : Warner Brother Entertainment UK, c2011.

DVD The incident / Special dual format edition. [Los Angeles, Calif.] : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 1995.

DVD Interstellar. Dual layer format. [London, U.K.] : Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, ©2015, 2014.

DVD ENG.joj.wai Jojo Rabbit / [Los Angeles, Calif.] : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2020.

DVD Judy / Santa Monica, California : Lionsgate, [2019].

DVD ENG.jul.eph Julie & Julia. London : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2010.

DVD ENG.kid.ree A kid for two farthings / Dual format edition. [London, England] : British Film Institute, 2019.

DVD ENG.kni.joh Knives out / Santa Monica, CA : Lions Gate Home Entertainment, 2020.

DVD ENG.las.ber The last emperor. Double disc special ed., London : Optimum Releasing, 2004.

DVD ENG.lit.ger Little women / [Culver City, Calif.] : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2020.

DVD ENG.loo.loa Looking for Eric. [S.l.] : Icon Film Ltd, 2009.

DVD ENG.mon.nai Monsoon wedding. London : Cinema Club/Film Four Video, c2003.

DVD ENG.nam.nai The namesake. U.K. : FOX, c2007.

DVD ENG.nic.bla The nice guys / [Santa Monica, California] : Icon Film Distribution Ltd, 2016.

DVD Nowhere to go / Extended edition, digitally remastered. [London, England] : StudioCanal Limited, 2013.

DVD No way out / Special dual format edition. [Los Angeles, CA.] : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2018.

DVD ENG.oth.cha The other Boleyn girl. [London] : Universal, c2008.

DVD ENG.our.ree Our man in Havana. Greene, Graham, 1904-1991. [S.l. :sn, 2005]

DVD ENG.out.ree Outcast of the islands / [London] : StudioCanal Limited, 2012.

DVD ENG.pla.sto Platoon. [S.l.] : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc, c2006.

DVD ENG.pri.nea The prime of Miss Jean Brodie. [U.K.] : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment; Acorn Media UK, c2010.

DVD ENG.rea.spi Ready player one / Burbank, CA : Warner Bros Home Entertainment, [2018].

DVD The red shoes. London : itvDVD, [2009].

DVD ENG.sha.tor The shape of water. [London] : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2018].

DVD ENG.sho.ver Showgirls / [Los Angeles, Calif.] : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2014.

DVD ENG.sta.abr Star Wars Episode IX : The rise of Skywalker / [San Francisco, Calif.] : Lucasfilm Ltd, 2020.

DVD ENG.ste.boy Steve Jobs. Universal City, CA : Universal Studios, 2016.

DVD ENG.sum.lea Summertime. Lean, David, 1908-1991 director. [S.l.] : Second Sight Films, c2007.

DVD ENG.tes.ken Testament of youth / Culver City, CA : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, [2015].

DVD Mr Topaze / Dual format edition. [London, England] : British Film Institute, 2018.

DVD ENG.tru.coe True Grit / 2017 edition for Blu-Ray. [Hollywood, Calif.] : Paramount Pictures Corporation, 2017.

DVD ENG.whi.fie The white crow / [London] : StudioCanal Limited, [2019].

DVD FRE.bal.lam The red balloon : Le ballon rouge / digitally remastered 2010 edition for Blu-ray. [England] : Network Releasing, 2010.

DVD FRE.bla.sem Black girl ; Borom Sarret /  Dual format edition. [London, England] : British Film Institute, [2015].

DVD FRE.etr.phi Être et avoir To be and to have / [United Kingdom] : Artificial Eye, 2009.

DVD FRE.jac.gan J'accuse / Dual format edition. [London, England] : British Film Institute, 2017.

DVD FRE.len.sir L'ennemi intime = intimate enemies / 2 disc special edition. France : Warner Home Video France, 2008.

DVD FRE.roi.deb Le Roi de coeur = King of hearts / special dual format edition. [London, England] : Eureka Entertainment Ltd, 2018.

DVD JAP.hau.oba House = Hausu / [London, England] : Eureka Entertainment Ltd, 2010.

DVD JAP.hit.fuk Street mobster. [S.l.] : Eureka Video, 2002.

DVD JAP.ich.mii Ichimei = Hara-Kiri death of a samurai / [Universal City, CA] : Universal Studios, 2014.

DVD JAP.kag.tak The tale of the Princess Kaguya = Kaguyahime no monogatari / StudioCanal, 2015.

DVD JAP.ken.fuk Cops vs Thugs = Kenkei tai soshiki bōryoku / Special dual format edition. [Shenley, UK] : Arrow Films, 2017.

DVD MUS.thr.pab The threepenny opera. London : bfi Video Publishing, c2004.

DVD SHA com.nun The comedy of errors. [United Kingdom] : ATV Network, 2012.

DVD SHA kin.bro King Lear. U.K. : Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2004.

DVD SHA tit.bai Titus Andronicus / [London] : Royal Opera House Enterprises Ltd; Shakespeare Globe Trust; Opus Arte, [2014].

DVD SHA Twelfth night / [London] : Opus Arte, 2013.

DVD SHA.ant.nun Antony and Cleopatra. [Borehamwood] : Associated Television Ltd, 1974.

DVD SHA.hol.coo The hollow crown. London : Universal Pictures, [2016].

DVD SHA.mid.hof A Midsummer night's dream. Beverly Hills, Calif. :  20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2002.

DVD SHA.tem.her The tempest. [London? ] : Opus Arte, 2014.

DVD SPA.sub.bun Ascent to heaven. [S.l.] : Yume, 2006.

MUS BAC.lut.dag J. S. Bach, Complete music for lute / Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750 composer. [Leeuwarden, Netherlands] :  Brilliant Classics, 2013.

MUS DOW.lut.wil Rosa : Elizabethan lute music / London : Virgin Classics, 1991.

TV BOX dea.per Death comes to Pemberley. London : 2 Entertain, 2014.

TV BOX tal.gar The complete talking heads. [London] : 2 Entertain; BBC, 2005.

TV BOX war.har War & peace. [London] : BBC, 2016.

TV BOX.boy.sav Boys from the blackstuff. London : BBC Worldwide Publications, 2003.

TV BOX.jan.whi Jane Eyre. London : BBC, 2007.

General Interest

General Interest Non-Fiction FEM Feminists don't wear pink and other lies : amazing women on what the F-word means to them / [London] : Penguin Books, [2018].

General Interest Poetry BEI Being alive : the sequel to staying alive / Tarset : Bloodaxe, 2004.

General Interest Poetry CRO The culture of my stuff / Crothers, Adam, 1984- author. Manchester : Carcanet Poetry, 2020.

General Interest Poetry WAT Red gloves / Watts, Rebecca, 1983- author. Manchester : Carcanet, 2020.

General Interest Poetry WON Poems without irony / Wong, Alex (Literary scholar), author. Manchester : Carcanet Poetry, 2016.

General Interest Short Stories UNS Unspeakable : a queer Gothic anthology / [United Kingdom] : Nyx Publishing, 2020.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

B 809.3.H6 Disrespect : the normative foundations of critical theory / Honneth, Axel, 1949- author. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2007.


D 107.3.B3 The emblematic queen : extra-literary representations of early modern queenship / First Edition. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013,.

D 860.M5 Age of anger : a history of the present / Mishra, Pankaj author. [London] UK: Penguin Books, 2018

DA 151.A5 Anglo-Saxon England. [Cambridge, England]: Cambridge University Press, 1972-.

DA 28.4.B5 Biographical dictionary of British prime ministers / Walker, Graham. London: Routledge, 1998.

DA 930.O27 Early medieval Ireland, 400-1200 / Ó Cróinín, Dáibhí, author. Second edition. London: Routledge, 2017.

DD 247.E5.A7 Eichmann in Jerusalem: a report on the banality of evil / Arendt, Hannah, 1906-1975. Revised and enlarged ed. New York, N.Y., U.S.A.: Penguin Books, 1994.

DS 340.S5 Nightmarch : among India's revolutionary guerrillas / Shah, Alpa, 1976- author. London: Hurst & Company, 2018.  

E 185.61.L4 The making of Black lives matter : a brief history of an idea / Lebron, Christopher J., author. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017].

E 487.B4 Why the South lost the Civil War / Athens, Ga. : University of Georgia Press, [1986], ©1986.

E 744.K5 The abandonment of the west : the history of an idea in American foreign policy / Kimmage, Michael author. New York : Basic Books, 2020.

E 744.N9 Do morals matter? : presidents and foreign policy from FDR to Trump / Nye, Joseph S. author. New York : Oxford University Press, 2020.

E 840.8.K58.G4 The inevitability of tragedy : Henry Kissinger and his world / Gewen, Barry author. New York : WW Norton and Company, 2020.

Social Sciences, Economics, Finance & Sociology

HB 501.S7.h How will capitalism end? : essays on a failing system / Streeck, Wolfgang, 1946- author. London : Verso, 2017.

HB 846.B3 2020 The economics of the welfare state / Barr, N. A. author. Sixth edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, [2020].

HM 447.E5 Contemporary social theory : an introduction / Elliott, Anthony, 1964- author. Second edition. London : Routledge, 2014.

HM 548.S2 Expulsions : brutality and complexity in the global economy / Sassen, Saskia, author. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014.

HQ 1190.F7 Fortunes of feminism : from state-managed capitalism to neoliberal crisis / Fraser, Nancy author. London : Verso, 2020.

HT 1161.P4 Slavery in early medieval England : from the reign of Alfred until the twelfth century / Pelteret, David Anthony Edgell, 1944-. Woodbridge : Boydell, 2001, c1995.

Political Science

JN 1117.B7 British party politics and ideology after New Labour / Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

JZ 1318.C3 Secrets in global governance : disclosure dilemmas and the challenge of international cooperation / Carnegie, Allison, author. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2020.

JZ 4850.V5 The closure of the international system : how institutions create political equalities and hierarchies / Viola, Lora Anne, author. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2020.

JZ 5665.E4 The doomsday machine : confessions of a nuclear war planner / Ellsberg, Daniel author. London : Bloomsbury, 2019.

Law & Criminology

K 3924.S4.C5 Shipbuilding contracts : a comparative analysis of contracts in the major maritime jurisdictions / 2nd ed. London : Lloyds of London Press, c1992.

K 521.I5 International law reports. London : Butterworth & Co, 1956-.

KD 2094.G8 Corporate finance law : principles and policy / Gullifer, Louise author. Third edition. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2020.

KD 275.4 The Law reports : appeal cases before the House of Lords (English-Irish and Scotch) and the Judiciae Committee of Her Majesty's most honourable Privy Council.. London : William Clowes for the Incorporated Council of Law reporting for England and Wales, 1876-.

KD 276.3 The Law reports : Chancery appeal cases.. London : William Clowes for the council of Law Reporting, 1866-.

KD 277.7 The Law reports : Court of Queen's Bench.. London : William Clowes for the Council of Law reporting, 1866-.

KD 280 The Law reports : Family division and decisions in the ecclesiastical courts. London : Incorporated Council of Law Reporting, 1972-.

KD 8329.A8 Archbold : criminal pleading, evidence and practice. Archbold, John Frederick, 1785-1870. Latest ed. / editor P.J. Richardson.   London : Sweet & Maxwell, 2017.

Fine Arts & Architecture

FN 6888.H6 Translating nature into art : Holbein, the Reformation, and Renaissance rhetoric / Nuechterlein, Jeanne, author. University Park : Pennsylvania State University Press, [2011].

Language & Literature

PN 1995.9.H55.A3 New queer cinema : a critical reader / New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, 2004.

PN 1995.9.W6.W6 Women's cinema in contemporary Portugal / London : Bloomsbury Academic, 2020.

PN 1998.3.E3.B6 The cinema of Eisenstein / Bordwell, David, author. New York [New York] : Routledge, 2005.

PN 1998.3.R46.C6 A companion to Jean Renoir / Hoboken : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

PQ 9697.R254.Z75.O4 Understanding Graciliano Ramos / De Oliveira, Celso Lemos, 1943-. Columbia, S.C. : University of South Carolina Press, c1988.

PR 2819.A2.H3.2020 The tragedy of King Lear / Third edition. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2020.

PR 9381.9.O98.D87 Dust / Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo, author. London : Granta, 2013.

PS 1638.P6 A political companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson / Lexington, Ky. : University Press of Kentucky, c2011.


QA 329.A3 Operator analysis : Hilbert space methods in complex analysis / Agler, Jim, author. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2020.

QA 613.659.W4 Lectures on contact 3-manifolds, holomorphic curves and intersection theory / Wendl, Chris author. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2020.

QD 272.S6 2019 Spectroscopic methods in organic chemistry / Fleming, Ian, 1935- author. Seventh edition. Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2019].

QD 431.25.S85.F4 2017 Structure and mechanism in protein science : a guide to enzyme catalysis and protein folding / Fersht, Alan, 1943- author. New Jersey : World Scientific, [2017].

QD 476.A5 OS Modern physical organic chemistry / Anslyn, Eric V., 1960-. Sausalito, CA : University Science Books, 2004.

QD 504.P74 Thermodynamics of chemical processes / Price, Gareth J., author. Second edition. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, [2019].

QD 96.N8.I3 2020 NMR spectroscopy in inorganic chemistry / Iggo, Jonathan A. 2nd edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019.

QH 505.A5 Annual review of biophysics. Palo Alto, Calif. : Annual Reviews Inc, 2008-.

QM 31.W5 Instant anatomy / Whitaker, R. H. author. (Robert H.) Fifth edition. Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2016.                                                                                


TA 330.J3 2018 Advanced modern engineering mathematics / James, Glyn, author. Fifth edition. Harlow, England) : Pearson, 2018.

TA418.78.N4 2005 Statics and kinematics of granular materials / Nedderman, R. M. Pbk ed. of 1992 first ed. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2005.

TD 171.75.G6 A bright future : how some countries have solved climate change and the rest can follow / Goldstein, Joshua S., 1952- author. New York, NY : PublicAffairs, 2019.

TP 155.5.C7 2019 Chemical Process Safety : Fundamentals With Applications / Crowl, Daniel A., author. Fourth edition.  Boston : Pearson Education, [2019].