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    Paper, 10.0625 x 7.0625, ff. 112 written, 28 lines to a page.  Two volumes, printed and manuscript.  15th cent., in a good clear hand.

    Binding, stamped leather over boards.  The principal stamps are (1) balances and ? pestle and mortar, (2) pelican.  In the middle of the 2nd cover is a rebus of the name Langton, consisting of a tun and "Lang" in black letter.

    Donor, T. C. S.  Priced 30S.

    Four leaves at each end of a 13th cent. MS. of Civil Law.

    On f. 1: Mr Fowberye 1607.

    Vol. 1 is printed: Ciceronis Officia, Paradoxa, etc., Fust, 1466; with a good many marginal notes of the 15th cent.   

    II.  Collation: a8 - o8.



        Inc. liber primus b. Ambrosii de horesco et uirtutibus et officiis sibi coniunctis.

        Non arrogans uideri (xvi 23)

               -instructionis conferat.

        Expl. 3es libri B. Ambr. de off.

        Per manus doi Johannis  Phelypp.

Manuscript extra information

N. Barker, 'A Register of Writs and the Scales Binder', The Book Collector, (Summer and Autumn 1972).

This binding was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, English Medieval Art, 1930.  See Catalogue no. 733 (London, 1930).

A. D. Hobson, Bindings in Cambridge Libraries (Cambridge, 1929), p. 22, pl. VII.