Purchas Society (Geography and Land Economy)

The Society

The Purchas society is a society for Geographers and Land Economists in St John's College. It is named after the Rev Samuel Purchas who famously attempted to summarise the nature of the entire globe in 20 volumes without ever straying from his armchair. His works are situated on the second floor of the St John's College Library. As part of the programme, members attend Hall 2-3 times a term which is then followed with a talk from an outside speaker on an elected topic. These talks are open principally to members, but of course also to anyone else who might share an interest. Please contact the secretary for more details on this year's programme.

Some previous topics:

  • Dr Tim Bayliss-Smith on 'The History of Purchas'
  • Dr Clive Oppenheimer on 'Volcanoes and Extreme Environments'
  • Dr Jim Duncan on 'Coffee'

The Committee

Committee 2017-18

President: C. Roberts (cr555)
Junior Treasurer: L. Ladbrooke (ll529)
Senior Treasurer: Dr N.S. Arnold (nsa12)


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