St John's College W.81

David Pegg, Greek and Latin prose and verse compositions. 1934-6

David Pegg, of St John's College (BA 1938): exercise book of Latin and Greek prose and verse translations composed while studying for Part I of the Classical Tripos at St John's, 1934-6. His work is corrected by supervisors, among them T. R. Glover, M. P. Charlesworth, R. L. Howland and H. P. W. Gatty. With MS note on contents by Professor John Crook, 24 Nov. 1999.

Manuscript extra information

232x180 mm. 132 fos, unfol. College bookplate (1937) inside front cover. Presented by Mr Pegg, 1999.

Manuscript, in a principal and several further hands, with many printed insertions. Limp cloth-bound exercise book supplied by Heffer's.