St John's College W.76

William Heberden, ‘Of Poisons’. English and Latin, 1749.

[William Heberden (1710-1801)]: autograph notebook, entitled “Three Lectures containing some observations on the History, Nature and Cure of Poisons”. Read at the College of Physicians on the 24th, 25th and 26th August, 1749. The notebook also contains a copy of an extract from a letter written by Gerard van Swieten (1700-1772), a Dutch-Austrian physician, who was also elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1749, written in Latin. Heberden was admitted to St John’s College, in 1724, and was Fellow of the College, 1731-1752. In 1739, he obtained his degree of MD. Heberden was appointed Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London, in 1746, and Fellow of the Royal Society in 1749.

Manuscript extra information

224x180 mm. Folio approx. [85] pages. Paper. Marbled pasteboards; includes College bookplate on inside front board. Contains bookplate belonging to John Whitfield, Surgeon. A letter inserted at the back of the book indicates that the book was passed down through a series of surgeons after John Whitfield, until it was presented to Athene Withycombe in 1960 by Surgeon Rear Admiral Crosbie R.N. Given by Athene Withycombe, 1995.