St John’s College W.50-54

Adam Wall, ‘Collectanea’. English and Latin, eighteenth century.

[Adam Wall (c.1728-1798)]: autograph manuscript volumes, containing accounts of elections, appointments, financial bonds, statues, and senate proceedings for the University of Cambridge. Wall was Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge, 1756-1798, and Editor of the University Statues and Ceremonies of the University.


Manuscript extra information

293x230 mm. 5 vols. Paper. Marbled and leather-backed wood boards. Includes College bookplate. Placed in the College Library in 1877 by the Master, William Henry Bateson (1812-1881). A letter, dated 5th March, 1821, is pasted on the inside front cover of vol.54, from Charles Sutton to James Wood (1760-1839), Master of St John’s. Sutton requests that Wood accept a manuscript which he believes to contain useful information concerning the University, written by Adam Wall. Sutton acquired the papers from Adam Wall’s niece, Susan Wall.