St John’s College W.49

John Buck, Ceremonial Accounts. English and Latin, seventeenth century.

[John Buck 1597-1680]: autograph copy of a written account of “some material things, which do concern the corporation, viz. the university and town of Cambridge, but especially the university, as for the conferring of degrees in the senate, disputations, determinations, creations, etc. in the commencement house, with the ceremonies therein used, and likewise diverse graces granted by the senate.” 1665. Also contains accounts of the manner of selecting a regius professor and of selecting a Lady Margaret reader and preacher; a visit by King James I to Cambridge, 1622; the proclamation of Charles, Prince of Wales, as royal king, following the death of King James in 1625; a visit by King Charles I and his queen to Cambridge in 1631 and again in 1641; and a visit by King Charles II to Cambridge in 1660. There is a collection of references copied into the back of the book, connected to the University records, which range from the sixteenth to the mid-eighteenth century. Buck matriculated from Magdalene College, Cambridge, in 1615 as a sizar, but obtained his B.A. from St Catherine’s College, 1617-18, and M.A. 1622. University printer and later Esquire Bedell, 1626-1680.



Manuscript extra information

290x220 mm. Folio approx. [242] pages; the original account of Buck goes no further than p.68. Paper. Copy made by Adam Wall, Editor of the University Statues and Ceremonies of the University. Wall’s copy was made from a previous copy of the text and presented to the Master and Fellows of St John’s College by Charles Sutton in 1825. The book was placed in the College Library by the Master in 1877.