St John's College W.3 (part)

George Udny Yule and Herbert Hedges, Christmas Carol. English, 1933

George Udny Yule, Fellow of St John’s College (1871-1951): ‘A Carol’, commencing: ‘All the bells of Heaven did ring / Lully lay, lully la / This song did the mother sing / Lully lay lu.’, dated The Lizard, Sep. 1933. With musical accompaniment scored by Herbert N. Hedges, 16 Oct. 1933.

Manuscript extra information

330x205mm. i+4 pp. With a letter from [Lt-Col.] James Yule, George’s cousin, to the Librarian, Amanda Saville, 30 Oct. 1992, presenting the manuscript to the College.

Typescript, the score cyclostyled. Paper.