St John's College W.3 (part)

George Udny Yule, Analysis of Cambridge Tripos results. English, 1938

George Udny Yule, Fellow of St John’s College (1871-1951): ‘The standing of the College on the Tripos results of 1936 and 1937’, report dated Mar. 1938. With numerous statistical tables by way of working notes. In 1936 St John’s comes first among the Colleges by two out of three of Yule’s measures, and second in the third. In 1937 it achieves three ‘top-six’ rankings by the same measures. Held together with a separate note prepared by Yule ‘On a possible fall in the number of undergraduates, owing to the fall of the birthrate’, Mar. 1932. This note is in turn accompanied by a letter from F[rank] L[eonard] Engledow, Fellow of St John’s College (1890-1985), to the Senior Bursar, Sir Henry Howard, 23 Feb. 1932, discussing the implications for College building stock in the event of a continued decline in the birth rate. Both report and note appear to have been prepared for meetings of the College Governing Body or possibly the Council.

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes, the principal report 330x205mm. The 1938 report: 10 pp., with 45 pp. of working notes; the 1932 note: i+8 pp. Presumably presented by Yule, though no record of donation survives.

Typescript with occasional MS additions, the working notes in autograph. Not bound. Plain and mathematical paper.