St John's College W.3 (part)

Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, Documents signed as Lord Treasurer. English, 1660-4

Thomas Wriothesley, fourth earl of Southampton (1607-67), and member of St John’s College: apparently artificial collection of the following documents signed by the earl while holding the office of Lord Treasurer, 1660-4.

1. Documents reflecting Exchequer business flowing from a petition of John Pargiter, purchaser of two fee farm rents during the Interregnum, for a warrant to draw up an order for payment of £36 16s 6d, already deposited into the Exchequer by Sir Heneage Finch. Pargiter conceived this to be in accordance with the king’s pleasure expressed in letters patent [25 May 13 Charles II]. Also requesting Southampton’s direction that a tally be struck and levied on the petitioner for £35 16s 11d in discharge of the half-year’s rent of the manor of Hanslopp and Balney Wood, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, due Michaelmas 1660. 1660-4 and undated. Calendar of Treasury Books 1660-7, p. 613. R. A. Beddard notes that these documents ‘form a nice commentary on the difficulties posed by the purchase of crown and church lands etc. during the Interregnum and the problem of what was to be done by way of redress (for both parties) at the Restoration in 1660’.

2. Warrant to Sir Robert Pye, Auditor of the Receipt, William Wardour, Clerk of the Pells and other relevant officers of the Court of Exchequer, for a tally to be struck on Ladies Elizabeth, Martha and Mary Carye, daughters of the late earl of Monmouth, for £360 payable by them for part of the fine of the manor of Rudfin. 19 Nov. 1661. Calendar of Treasury Books 1660-7, p. 307.

3. Warrant to Sir Robert Long, Auditor of the Receipt, directing that the £2404 5s 8d warranted to Edward Backwell, Alderman of London, goldsmith and banker, on 9 Feb. 1662/3 should be paid out of receipts from the excise of London by Sir John Robinson, Mr Reves, and other farmers of the excise. 14 Mar. 1662/3. Calendar of Treasury Books 1660-7, pp. 499, 507.

4. Letter from Southampton to Sir Robert Long, Auditor of the Receipt, concerning part of the £1400 warranted to Thomas Turner for secret service, to be settled by passing on £1000 which will remain in the hands of Thomas Stronger and John Fisher out of £20000 after payment of various debts contracted by Charles I at Oxford and £400 out of monies paid into the Exchequer of Tenths of the Diocese of York. 24 Nov. 1664. Calendar of Treasury Books 1660-7, p. 626.

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes. Purchased from E. Hall, 1967.

Contemporary secretary hands, signed by Southampton. Paper. Not bound.