St John's College W.3 (part)

J. M. Wilson, Memoirs of Cambridge. English, 1913

J[ames] M[aurice] Wilson, Fellow of St John’s College (1836-1931): ‘Cambridge’, being Chapter Five of his unpublished Memoirs. The proof copy of the version which appeared as ‘Some reminiscences of my life’ in The Eagle 46 (1932), 134-59. Wilson, a senior wrangler, was the last survivor of The Eagle’s first editorial committee, and the author of the first article published in the magazine. The proof has been marked for the Cambridge University Press by J. S. Boys Smith, later Master of St John’s College.

Manuscript extra information

260x200mm. i+39pp. Presented to the Library from among the papers of Max Newman by his son William, 1998.

Typescript, marked as a proof. Commercial plain paper. Not bound, but formerly fastened by a butterfly clip top-left.