St John's College W.3 (part)

Henry Kirke White, Translation of a poem by Bion. English, 1801

Henry Kirke White, Fellow of St John’s College (1785-1806): Translation of a poem by Bion (‘Moschus, Idyllium 7th’) into Italian sonnet form, with brief preliminary remarks, submitted to the editors of the Monthly Mirror from Nottingham, 25 Apr. 1801, when barely sixteen years old. The original poem is Bion VIII in the Oxford Classical Texts series, and Bion IX in Loeb.

Manuscript extra information

235x190mm. Letter consisting of a single sheet. Endorsed ‘Iddyl. of Moschus’. Purchased by H. P. W. Gatty, Librarian of the College, from Bernard Halliday, Leicester, Apr. 1939, and subsequently presented to the Library together with an engraved portrait of HKW, dated 1823.

Autograph, signed. Addressed on verso to the editors in London, with traces of a seal.