St John's College W.3 (part)

Thomas Whitaker, 'Remarks on the Itinerary of Richard of Cirencester'. English, c. 1800

Thomas Dunham Whitaker, of St John’s College (1759-1821): ‘Remarks on the Itinerary of Richard of Cirencester’, cautiously challenging the view that this work is a forgery and so defending its use by John Whitaker (1735-1808) in his History of Manchester. No date but c. 1800. See Richard of Gloucester, Speculum Historiale ed. J. E. B. Mayor (1869), ii, cxxxvi; T. D. Whitaker, History of Whalley (1872), i, 14n. Current research accepts that the Itinerary was a forgery by Charles Bertram (1723-65).

Manuscript extra information

315x200mm. 8 fos, the last blank. Purchased from Myers of London, Apr. 1941.

Autograph, with a few corrections and cancellations. Plain paper. Not bound.