St John's College W.3 (part)

John Horne Tooke, Signature on a subscription receipt. English, 1794

John Horne Tooke, of St John’s College (1736-1812): ‘Received of [name started and cancelled] Mr Donaldson fourteen shillings for the third volume of … The Diversions of Purley’, 3 Feb. 1794. Signed by Tooke, in the year of his imprisonment in the Tower of London and his trial and acquittal for high treason. The book Epea pteroenta. Or, The diversions of Purley survives in several editions in the College Library, e.g. the second edition, 1798-1805, at Dd.4.37-38.

Manuscript extra information

120x70mm. A single slip of paper. Receipt numbered 1066. The sum of two guineas noted at the foot. Endorsed: ‘Tookes Div. Purley Receipt’. Presented by the Librarian, H. P. W. Gatty, 1936. The prince ten shillings and the number ‘313’ penciled in, presumably by the dealer selling the item to Gatty.

Paper. Name and date inserted hastily in another hand. Tax stamp.