St John's College W.3 (part) (James 572)

Tithes in London. English, 1638

Minute extracted from the Register of the Privy Council relating to a joint assessment of the value of parishes in London to be carried out by the ministers and by the city authorities, 22 Apr. 1638.

Manuscript extra information

295x190mm. Bifolium, the flyleaf cut vertically. Endorsed in a contemporary hand ‘Touching tythes in London’. The copy checked by D[udley] Carleton, Clerk of the Council. Found in the College copy of John Fisher’s Assertionis Lutheranae confutatio, Antwerp, 1523, which was purchased from the dealers Ellis & Keane in 1925.

A single, neat secretary hand of the mid seventeenth century. Paper, significantly worn at folds.