St John's College W.3 (part)

William Philpot, Cambridge bills and an IOU. English, 1839-69

William Philpot, of St John’s College (d. 1891): three bills for clothing, cigars, a walking stick and other items submitted by W. Bishop, Beesley of Cambridge and another unidentified, 1839 and 1840. With an IOU signed by Philpot and dated 27 May 1840 acknowledging receipt of £6 from John Flack of Bridge Street and promising to repay the same sum on 3 June 1840. With additionally a bill from P. Buttress, hosier of Cambridge, for a tie, collars, a box and braces, submitted to [Thomas James?] Howell (b. 1847), Michaelmas Term 1869.

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes. Five items. Found ‘in a drawer’ by A. C. Crook, Junior Bursar, 1975. See a letter from Edward Boys to Philpot in W.1, found at the same time.

Not bound. Paper, considerably worn and torn with some repairs.