St John's College W.3 (part)

Isaac Pennington, Power of Attorney. English, 1795

Isaac Pennington, Fellow and President of St John’s College (1745-1817): appointment of William Pennington, Edward David Batson, Edward Stephenson, John Stephenson, William Remington and John Smith as his attorneys to receive payments from the Exchequer on account of his salary as Reader of Physic at Cambridge, 11 Apr. 1795.

Manuscript extra information

320x200mm. A single sheet. Signed by Pennington and by two witnesses: J[oshua] Smith (1758-1828) and W[illiam] Millers (1767-1843), both Fellows of St John’s College. Receipted by the Exchequer of Receipt Audit Office, 23 May 1795. Presented by Hugh Gatty, Librarian of St John’s College, 1937.

Not bound. Paper with duty stamp, mounted on thin card.