St John's College W.3 (part)

Isaac Pennington, Index to a collection of theses. Latin and English, c. 1800

Isaac Pennington, Fellow and President of St John’s College (1745-1817): alphabetic index to a collection of eighteen volumes of theses, printed in Latin, for medical degrees awarded at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow between 1782 and 1796.

230x190mm. Six fos in three bifolia. Found in SJCL, M.8.38 (William Salmon’s English translation of Isbrand de Diemerbrock’s The Anatomy of human bodies, London, 1694), Oct. 1958. The eighteen volumes are also in the College Library (Ll.6.4-21). All these volumes formed part of the Isaac Pennington bequest, 1817.

A neat autograph. Not bound. Paper.