St John's College W.3 (part)

William Pearce, Notebook of College affairs. English, later eighteenth century

William Pearce, President of St John’s College and later Master of Jesus College (1744-1820): notebook of lists and memoranda relating to St John’s in the eighteenth century. Titled ‘Fellows’ on the front cover, and contains lists of admissions to Fellowships 1707-85. With subsequent notes on Marwood Rectory, Thorington and Frating, and Layham; lists of Platt Fellows, 1715-83; lists of Presidents, Bursars, Deans and Sacrists, 1737-87; statistics on admissions, 1715-81; and Fellows ‘Living 1795’, with adjustments reflecting subsequent deaths.

Manuscript extra information

190x125mm. 60 fos. Presented, according to an inscription by the then Master James Wood inside the front cover, by Pearce’s son, the Revd [Edward] Serocold Pearce (1796-1849), n.d. [early nineteenth century, after his ordination in 1822 and before 1839, the year of Wood’s death] .

Autograph throughout. Several pages blank. Bound in limp leather on card. A commercial notebook. Some leaves worn and torn.