St John's College W.3 (part)

Probate of the will of Edward Henry Palmer. English, 1883

Two legal documents relating to the estate of Edward Henry Palmer, Fellow of St John’s College, following his murder in the Sinai in 1882: (i) Probate of Palmer’s will dated 29 Jan. 1883, extracted by Hardisty and Rhodes of Great Marlborough St London, 29 Jan. 1883; (ii) declaration of trusts of a sum of £6000, 8 Mar. 1883, paid out of public funds for the benefit of Palmer’s children, signed by the trustees Frederick Pollock, Walter Besant and Robert Wilson.

Manuscript extra information

430x480mm and 480x305mm. Single sheet and 4 pp. respectively. No record of accession, but both documents stamped ‘B[ritish] R[ecords] A[ssociation] 1579’.

Vellum, with the appropriate legal seals and stamps.