St John's College W.3 (part)

Christopher Middleton, Poems. English, 1963

Christopher Middleton (b. 1926): ‘Crossing’ and ‘Difficulties of a Revisionist’, fair copies written by the author. ‘Crossing’ is glossed with a note on how to read the poem, ‘so as to make the MS, at least, what you (don’t you? or is it bookseller’s talk only?) a (or an?) unicum’. [sic]

Manuscript extra information

Various sizes. 2 pp. With a letter from the author to Guy Lee, Librarian of the College, 6 Apr. 1963, apologizing for failing to send worksheets.

Autograph. ‘Crossing’ written on plain paper, ‘Difficulties’ on the back of an admissions card for the 1963 Conference of University Writers in University College London, Apr. 1963.