St John's College W.3 (part)

Notes on the Rothenstein portrait of Alfred Marshall. English, 1967

William Rothenstein’s portrait of Alfred Marshall, Fellow of St John’s College (1842-1924): a letter from R. H. Coase, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, to C. W. Guillebaud, Fellow of St John’s College, 27 Feb. 1967, enclosing a photocopy of an opening from Robert Speaight, William Rothenstein: the portrait of an artist in his time (1963) and another photocopy from Rothenstein’s published Men and memories (1930), and asking Guillebaud to pass this material to the Master. John Boys Smith. According to his annotation, Guillebaud did so a few days later.

Manuscript extra information

380x255mm. Two sheets. These copies of the original letter and its enclosures were presented to the Library by Guillebaud in 1967.

Photocopies on paper.