St John's College W.3 (part)

Charles Jenkinson and T. Farraine, Legal question. English, 1763

Charles Jenkinson, later first Earl of Liverpool (1729-1808): T. F[arraine] of the Auditors’ Office, providing answers to a question on the ancient Court of Exchequer and its officers’ duties raised by Jenkinson by directing him to Thomas Madox’s The history and antiquities of the Exchequer of the Kings of England (London, 1711) and to various statutes, 9 Nov. 1763. With Jenkinson’s equally courteous acknowledgement, dated from Treasury Chambers the day following. At this time, according to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Jenkinson was a newly-appointed secretary to the Treasury, with responsibility for patronage, elections, and parliamentary management.

Manuscript extra information

320x200mm. One page. According to an annotation the paper was found in one of the College Library’s copies of Madox (SL.2.23). A penciled tally of numbers totaling 695 is found on the verso.

Apparently a clean copy. A bifolium. Paper. Folded.